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Election Night Special

The V&A saw in election night, 7th May 2015, with All of This Belongs to You exhibition curators and a host of guests exploring the intersection of design and politics. Speaking to the exhibition curators Kieran Long, Rory Hyde and Corinna Gardner, were artist Bob & Roberta Smith, architect Liza Fior of muf art/architecture, Dan Hill, chief design officer of Future Cities Catapult, Jamie Bartlett of the thinktank Demos’ Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, the British Council’s director of architecture, design and fashion Vicky Richardson, and founding director of FAT, architect, writer and critic Sam Jacob.
Spatial practitioners COOKING SECTIONS installation re-enacted the infamous cold war ‘kitchen debate’ between Kruschev and Nixon, in a nod to the preceding months’ discussions of the kitchen’s role in politics.

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