Late Opening

Fashion 2020: Educators Drop-In

Past event Thursday 12 March 2020
  • Date

    Thursday 12 Mar 2020

  • Time

  • Location

    Upper Hall

  • Free

    This event is for educators only (teachers, lecturers, youth workers, family learning and family support workers)

Join our team for an introduction to our Fashion 2020 season

Hear all about the thinking behind our Fashion 2020 shows from our researchers and curators.

Sewing Box for the Future is an interactive exhibition, developed in response to research, which urges us to care/repair/customise and love the clothes we own. Darning a sock or replacing a zip might seem time-consuming or overwhelming at first but, with a few guiding principles, it’s possible to love fashion and update your wardrobe in a sustainable, responsible way.

Faux Shop is an installation by fashion label Atelier E.B which asks the question: Is window dressing simply an everyday part of popular culture? Or is it a unique and often overlooked form of art and design practice? With bricks and mortar retail having to radically adapt in the digital age, these questions seem more pertinent than ever.

Part of our Fashion 2020 season ✂️

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