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Put your feet up and immerse yourself in our incredible design library.

Whether you’re looking for some downtime from exploring the exhibitions, looking to get further inspiration, undertake some research or just want to spend some time looking through creative books with your little ones, take some time to enjoy our Inches Carr Resource Centre.

Grab a book, sit down on comfortable chairs and lose yourself in a variety of topics, ranging from fashion to graphic design, architecture to service design. We also have a range of books relating to our past exhibitions, including Videogames, Hello, Robot and Night Fever.

Interested in fashion? Costume in Detail by Nancy Bradfield provides a detailed look into the art of costume design, while Fashioned from Nature by Edwina Ehrman unpicks the role of the natural works in modern fashion. You can find these titles - and many more - within the Inches Carr Resource Centre on the second floor.

Visiting with young children? We have a dedicated collection of books for children of all ages, aimed at introducing them to design concepts and stories of invention and discovery as well as developing a curiosity about the world. These can all be found on the shelves in the lower hall.