Become a part of V&A Dundee

Part of what we do involves exploring how design can solve problems and create solutions, which is just as relevant in the business sector. We look forward to working with you to create unique experiences for your clients, staff and all those who represent your company’s mission.

From multi-year relationships offering named spaces in the museum through to sponsorship of major exhibitions and a comprehensive corporate membership scheme, explore what our corporate offering can do for you:

  • Create bespoke partnerships that help you share your company’s mission with new audiences
  • Deliver exceptional events in our unique and breathtaking building -Offer exclusive access and experiences, such as private tours of our exhibitions
  • Host networking opportunities with other Corporate Members
  • Provide staff incentives such as gallery tours or workshops -Help you deliver your corporate social responsibility aspirations through impactful community programmes

Corporate Partnerships

Our existing partnerships have been designed to suit the bespoke needs of our Founding Corporate Partners.

We offer a range of options to match your company's needs, from multi-year relationships offering named spaces in the museum and a programme of activity, through to sponsorship of major exhibitions.

Let us create a bespoke solution to suit your company’s requirements. To give us a better understanding of what you are hoping to get out of our partnership, contact or call +44 (0)1382 411 660.

Corporate Membership

Becoming a corporate member of V&A Dundee provides unique opportunities to build and promote your business. Delight your staff and guests with unforgettable experiences in a cutting-edge building, and demonstrate the power of great design.

V&A Dundee is an international centre for design, a place of inspiration, discovery and learning. Your support not only shows your commitment to innovation and creativity, but also helps us continue to offer world-class and inspirational programme of exhibitions and events for all.

To find out how to become a Corporate Member of V&A Dundee and explore our unique opportunities, contact or call +44 (0)1382 411 660