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Design for Business Workshops

Design for Business offers three tiers of Design Thinking workshops

As the first such museum-led programme, we have brought world-leading design practitioners together with businesses from across Scotland to build an exciting programme for businesses, consisting of three distinct workshops, each offering different levels of Design Thinking understanding and experience.

Our workshops have been specifically created to be accessible to busy professionals and provide practical experience which can be immediately applied to business, helping you to better shape the services and products you already offer and create innovative new ones your customers will truly love.

No design experience is necessary. Our workshops are a hands-on introduction to Design Thinking.

Find out about our three workshops below.

59-minute Design Challenge

Based on D.Schools’ dynamic workshops, watch us squeeze ten weeks of design training into under an hour.

Through practical activities, you will gain first-hand experience of some of the design-led approaches and tools that can be applied to your business challenges. This workshop is offered as an introduction to Design Thinking.

For more information, contact designforbusiness@vandadundee.org

Half-day Introduction to Design Thinking

Gain a deeper understanding of Design Thinking that you can begin to apply to your business.

The workshop will be led by one of our world class facilitators with extensive experience in helping businesses unlock the value of design in simple, practical ways.

This half-day introduction follows on from our popular 59-minute Design Challenge, though previous participation is not a pre-requisite. Come along with an open mind for design and let us show you how it can be a powerful catalyst for innovation in your business.

For more information, contact designforbusiness@vandadundee.org

Three-day Design Accelerator

Learn how to apply Design Thinking to your own existing product or service design challenge. Bring it along and let the magic of design-led innovation loose on it.

Over three days and through practical activities, you will gain a deep understanding of the value of design as a process and how the elements of Design Thinking can be used to unlock value and stimulate innovation within your business.


This workshop offers hands-on experience in developing the practice of Design Thinking and its application to a current design or business challenge. An initial two-day workshop will help you define or redefine your challenge, understand who you are designing for and how to set up and undertake design research. On the third day, we review your research and new thinking and begin prototyping possible solutions.

Our approach is structured around proven Design Thinking techniques combining design process and design methods with organisational practice. Over the course of this workshop, participants will gain experience in the application of these techniques and will start to develop a key project. The practical approach will easily transfer into participants’ working practice.


In preparation for the workshop, you should agree with colleagues on a single product or service design challenge that you wish to explore in the workshop and be prepared to discuss this in the workshop forum. You should also be prepared to discuss who your products or services are for, who you compete against and state your organisation’s ambition. To ensure a competitively confidential safe sharing environment all participants should complete our Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to the workshop.

For more information, contact designforbusiness@vandadundee.org