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From Paris to Pisa: 1250-1350

Tuesday 20 September 2022 - Tuesday 6 December 2022

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Explore the artistic crosscurrents of a rapidly changing Europe from its soaring gothic cathedrals and their glowing stained glass to intricate ivories, enamels and manuscripts, alongside the robustly realistic paintings of Giotto.

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Dr Paula Nuttall

Course Director Dr Paula Nuttall

Dr Paula Nuttall is an art historian specialising in the Renaissance and has taught on the V&A Academy's Medieval and Renaissance course since its inception in 1993. She studied at the Courtauld Institute, writing her Ph.D thesis on artistic relations between the Netherlands and Italy, on which she has published widely.

I have enjoyed this course so much and learned loads. Thanks for introducing me to so many beautiful things I had never seen before. Previous Paris to Pisa Course Attendee

Course Overview

Emerging in Paris, the cultural capital of Europe in this period, gothic style – seen across the arts, from great cathedrals to tiny ivories – dominated European art, spreading north to England and south to Italy. Meanwhile in Italy, artists in centres like Pisa, increasingly inspired by classical Antiquity and naturalism, developed newly realistic styles, which in turn spread to northern Europe.

You will encounter the first great names to emerge in art history, including Giotto, Duccio and Giovanni Pisano, alongside cathedrals and secular buildings, and objects in a range of media, such as illuminated manuscripts, reliquaries and embroidered textiles, that exemplify the richness and material diversity of late medieval art.


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Online course: From Paris to Pisa: 1250-1350

20 September 2022 - 6 December 2022


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