Year course
The Classical World and its Afterlife

Monday 23 September 2019 - Monday 13 July 2020

  • Monday 23 September 2019 - Monday 13 July 2020

  • Seminar Room 3, V&A South Kensington

  • Course price £640.00 - £1,992.00

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    9.00 – 17.30, Monday-Sunday (closed 24-26 December)

Discover the civilisations of Ancient Greece and Rome and explore classical themes, motifs and styles. From Homeric myths in vase-painting to the enduring architecture of Athens, you will learn to identify references throughout the history of art and design. With access to expert speakers, you will also gain fascinating new perspectives on the afterlife of the ancient world.

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Dr Kathy McLauchlan

Course Director Dr Kathy McLauchlan

Dr Kathy McLauchlan, art historian specialising in French painting and lecturer with the Arts Society, Morley College and Oxford University.

The breadth and depth of the knowledge of the speakers was phenomenal. The lecturers bring a special passion to every week. 2018/19 Course Student

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Course Overview

Term 1

12 weeks, 23 September – 9 December 2019

Ancient World

The ancient Greeks provided models in art, literature and architecture that would endure for thousands of years. The Romans were both imitators and innovators with artists and architects setting new standards in grandeur and magnificence in buildings such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon.

Term 2

13 weeks, 6 January – 30 March 2020

Early Medieval to High Renaissance

Between the fourth and sixteenth centuries, Western European painters, sculptors and architects modelled their work on classical precedents throughout the Middle Ages. From the ninth century, there were attempts to revive the world of classical antiquity, culminating in the Renaissance.

Term 3

13 weeks, 20 April – 13 July 2020

High Renaissance to Avant-Garde

The final term follows the development of classicism between the sixteenth and early twentieth centuries. During this time artists repeatedly challenged the belief that Antiquity stood for a timeless and unified ideal, and in the process, they brought new life to the classical tradition.

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Year course: The Classical World and its Afterlife

23 September 2019 - 13 July 2020

£640.00 - £1,992.00

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Term 2: Early Medieval to High Renaissance

6 January – 30 March 2020


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6 January – 30 March 2020


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