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Ceramics: Ancient to Modern

Tuesday 25 September 2018 - Tuesday 9 July 2019

  • Tuesday 25 September 2018 - Tuesday 9 July 2019

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Explore the global history of ceramics, from the Neolithic pottery of Japan and China to contemporary studio pottery. You will discover the ways in which ceramics have been valued as objects for daily use, religion or ritual, collecting and display and as art objects. The development and transmission of ceramic design through trade and artistic interaction will also offer insights into cross-cultural connections which have come to define this global commodity.

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Helen Glaister

Course Director Helen Glaister

Helen Glaister is a sinologist who specialised in Chinese Art and Archaeology at the SOAS, University of London, following time spent in China. Helen has lectured extensively on Chinese Art and has been Director of the V&A Arts of Asia Course since 2006. Her current research focusses on Qing Dynasty Porcelain.

Learning about the objects in historical context gives a real insight and understanding of the subjects. 2017/18 Course Student

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Course Overview

Term 1

12 weeks, 25 September – 11 December 2018

Ceramics of Asia: China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia

Map the development of ceramics in Asia, from early China to Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. You will discover why the ceramics of East Asia were leaders in technological innovation and skill up to the modern period, and the lasting impact of Asian ceramic traditions throughout the world.

Term 2

13 weeks, 8 January – 2 April 2019

Ceramics of Europe and the Middle East

The evolution of ceramics throughout the Mediterranean region owe much to developments in the Middle East. Examine the impact of innovative bodies and glazes, from lusterware and slipware to the discovery and spread of porcelain throughout Europe, as luxury possessions or practical objects for daily use.

Term 3

11 weeks, 30 April – 9 July 2019

Ceramics: Nineteenth Century to the Present

This final term studies the global history of ceramics from the nineteenth century to the present. Consider aspects of colour and form, scale and surface, and the relationship between art, craft and design, finally questioning the future of Ceramics within the museum and the wider context of the art-world.

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Year course: Ceramics: Ancient to Modern

25 September 2018 - 9 July 2019

£640.00 - £1,992.00

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Term 3: Ceramics: Nineteenth Century to the Present

30 April – 9 July 2019

Term 3 single days

30 April – 9 July 2019


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