Short course
Fashion Revolutions: 1955-1975

Thursday 9 May 2019 - Thursday 4 July 2019

  • Thursday 9 May 2019 - Thursday 4 July 2019

  • Seminar Room 4

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    9.00 – 17.30, Monday-Sunday (closed 24-26 December)

Step back in time to 1960's London and explore the realities of the fashion revolution. Lectures and visits to our fashion archives will bring the famous boutiques of Carnaby Street and King’s Road back to life, offering the chance to examine the exotic and historic cultures that influenced radical new approaches to clothing design.

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Clare Rose

Course Leader Clare Rose

Dr Clare Rose is an expert on the history of fashion who frequently lectures at the V&A, and is the Senior Lecturer in Contextual Studies at the Royal School of Needlework. She has published many books and articles, and her training as a museum curator means she has a detailed understanding of the techniques that produce innovative garments.

I have taken many Short Courses at the V&A and I come away each week feeling inspired, stimulated by the facts, and wishing to know even more. 2015/2016 Short Course Student

Course Overview

When we think of 1960s fashion, we think of London, and the boutiques that sprung up in Carnaby Street and along the King’s Road to provide up-to-the minute fashion to increasingly youthful consumers. We think of designers like Mary Quant and Ossie Clark, and of shops like Biba and Granny Takes a Trip. We think of gender fluidity – trouser suits for women, dresses for men – and an exploration of exotic and historic cultures – Victorian dresses worn with Afghan coats. We also think of futuristic styles made from uncompromisingly modern materials like plastic.

But where did this explosion of style come from? How did the established masters of Paris couture react to it? Were the new styles for everyone or just a London in-crowd? How did the Feminist and Gay Liberation movements engage with current fashions? Find answers to all these questions through a series of lectures from curators and experts, and with visits to the V&A’s stored collections of fashion, and to V&A archives.


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• This course has a Half Term break on 30 May • Refreshments served • Price reductions available for Seniors (60+), jobseekers (ES40 holders) and registered disabled people

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Short course: Fashion Revolutions: 1955-1975

9 May 2019 - 4 July 2019

£325.00 - £378.00

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