Talk Past event Thursday, 22 June 2017

Refugee Week: What is the Role of the Museum in the Migration Crisis? Keynote Speakers

  • Clore Study Area, Room 55

  • Free event

Past Event

Part 1 of 2
Join keynote speakers to provide context to our OpenSpace discussion, discussing the role of the museum in the migration crisis. Should museums remain neutral, or are they uniquely positioned to address the subject of migration? Participants will consider the potential of museums as sites of activism and their relevance in the ‘post-truth’ world, exploring how they represent their communities and reflect current events.

Speakers include:

• A brief history of migration to the UK – Robert Winder, author of Bloody Foreigners
• Almir Koldzic, Co-Director of Counterpoints Arts (Refugee Week coordinators) on their work engaging refugees and migrants through the arts and cultural experiences
• Emily Miller, Head of Learning & Partnerships at the Migration Museum, on their plans for the future of the Migration Museum
• Alyson Frazier, Co-Founder on Play for Progress on their experience of setting up an NGO and attaining corporate sponsorship