Classicism from Antiquity to Christianity

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Discover the civilisations of Ancient Greece and Rome and explore classical themes, motifs and styles. From Homeric myths in vase-painting to Byzantine art under Constantine, gain fascinating new perspectives on the life and afterlife of the ancient world.

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course photo
Portrait of Course Director Dr Kathy McLauchlan

Course Director
Dr Kathy McLauchlan

Dr Kathy McLauchlan, art historian specialising in French painting and lecturer with the Arts Society, Morley College and Oxford University.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.. as always I have learned a lot. Previous V&A Academy Online Course Attendee

Course overview

The civilisations of Ancient Greece and Rome have provided a seemingly inexhaustible source of inspiration for European art, design and architecture. This course explores the key elements of Classicism, and their subsequent re-interpretation and revival in later times. It examines the cultural highlights of the Classical world, including Homeric myths and their representation in sculpture and vase-painting, the architecture of Athens and Rome, and the rich decoration and furnishings revealed at Herculaneum and Pompeii. The course then investigates the afterlife of the classical era, exploring the ways in which classical themes, motifs and styles were re-discovered and interpreted. It emphasizes that classicism is a living tradition, re-invented to meet the needs and interests of each new age. The classical world has proved to be an endless source of inspiration for painters, sculptors and architects, as well as providing a set of standards or ideals to be adopted or renounced.
This course offers a unique perspective on western art by revealing the many faces of the classical world and tracing the ways in which European artists responded to it in later periods.


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Online course: Classicism from Antiquity to Christianity

19 September 2022 - 5 December 2022


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