V&A Innovate: GO

V&A Innovate: GO – how we travel, why and where we go.

GO was one of our Innovate challenge themes for 2019 – 2020. The winning team was from Camden School for Girls, with their design for a safety wristband that shows the wearer the fastest and safest route home.

If you are planning to deliver the HOME and COMMUNITY themes for 2020 – 2021, watch our curator and designer films below to explore green modes of transport, accessible design of public spaces, and how we might support those seeking asylum.

In teams of 4, 5 or 6, students are invited to choose from three contextual challenges inspired by the V&A's collections and exhibitions that ask critical questions about the issues shaping our world.

GO asks us to consider the big questions facing human movement. How can we increase global travel without polluting our planet? How do we bring people from different countries closer together? What are the challenges to our everyday mobility?

On this page you will find resources to inspire students exploring the GO challenge.

Head to our teachers' resources page for an overall guide to delivering Innovate, including activity ideas and animations to introduce the project.

Industry innovation

How can we support people who are forced to flee from their homes? For the V&A's 2019 – 2020 Innovate Challenge strand GO, Pali Palavathanan from digital and branding agency TEMPLO shares how they created a brand for a new charity working with asylum seekers.

Collections insights

Download guidance on delivering GO in the classroom, including activity ideas inspired by objects from the V&A collections:

Object in Focus: Tactile Paving Slab

How might we make our streets safer and more accessible? Curator Brendan Cormier shares how Seiichi Miyake’s design for Tactile Paving Slabs made streets all over the world more accessible.

Object in Focus: Moulton Stowaway Bicycle
How might we redesign everyday objects to make travelling easier? Curator Brendan Cormier explores how Alex Moulton redesigned the bicycle to make it more compact and portable.