The pioneering British fashion designer Mary Quant opened a shop called Bazaar in 1957. Her designs were new and striking, and included miniskirts, hot pants and brightly patterned tights which were modelled by the iconic models Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton during the 1960s.

Mary Quant’s Daisy doll was released in the UK in 1973 as ‘the best dressed doll in the world’. The Daisy doll was made from vinyl and originally had curly blonde hair. Her eyes are sideways glancing and are painted with turquoise eye make-up.

Her clothes were all designed by Quant and included outfits such as the ‘Puddleduck’ – a white PVC raincoat and hat with red trim, the ‘Cucumber Sandwich’ – a long green floral dress, the ‘Black Magic’ – a black satin evening dress and the ‘Hoity Toity’ which was a white fur coat and hat. Daisy was manufactured for 10 years, mainly in Hong Kong, before being discontinued in 1983.