The most important person in my life is…

Much of the Museum’s Collection includes handmade objects from children; the care and effort they’ve taken in creating them reveal their feelings of love towards the special people they were made for.

During the 1920’s the McCorkell children from Derry, Northern Ireland wrote poetry for their father as Easter and Christmas presents. They compiled their writings into books, often decorating the covers with beautifully detailed artwork. One of the poems written by Oona McCorkell when she was twelve is entitled ‘Daddy’:

My Daddy likes stewed apple,
He could eat it for a week all along,
And he never comes to dinner
At once when they ring the gong.

He likes to find his meat all carved
And ready at his place
But if it is not just like that
He makes a funny face

My Daddy is so jokey.
He can make you laugh and laugh
Sometimes it makes me really think
That I shall split in half.

But though he is so funny
He’s very nice all the same
Espially [sic] when he comes and has
A really good old game.


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