The toy theatre pictured is known as the Trentsensky Theatre because some of the scenes used were made by this famous company. Matthias Trentsensky was born in Vienna, Austria in 1790 and it was here that he started in business as a printer. He quickly established himself as Austria’s leading publisher of toy theatres and theatre sheets. Because Matthias was a former army officer with a pension, he was unable to use his own name in business dealings. His brother Joseph’s name therefore appears on many early sheets.

Trentsensky produced two different stage designs, one large and one small. The designs were very detailed and the use of perspective and transformation added to their appeal. Trentsensky’s sheets were exported to England through Myers and Company, a London based toy retailer and manufacturer. This is probably how they found their way into the hands of the original owner. He added to the theatre himself with several home-made scenes while the dolls were dressed by his five daughters.