Wednesdays 27 July, 3, 10, 24 & 31 August
10.00 Activities, 11.00 Screening

Inspired by the Clangers, Bagpuss & Co  exhibition, the Museum will present a series of innovative animated films, from the world’s oldest surviving animated feature film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) to Frances’s visual masterpiece Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998). Take part in a craft activity and pick up a trail related to the films for a full experience, or just grab your popcorn from the café, sit back and enjoy the movie!

Step into summer whatever the weather, our film rooms will be kitted out for a day at the beach, with inflatable fruits and animals!

Visitors are welcome to arrive at anytime between 10.00-11.00 to take part in the drop-in activities in the room before the film start at 11.00.

Craft activities will range depending on the screening days.

  • Wednesday 27 July, Play-Doh Modelling Activity (Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit)
  • Wednesday 3 August, Shadow Puppet Making (The Adventures of Prince Achmed)
  • Wednesday 10 August, Flipbook Making (Family Friendly Animated Shorts)
  • Wednesday 24 August, DIY Knights Dress Up Activity (The Big Knights)
  • Wednesday 31 August, Shoebox Diorama Making (Kirikou and the Sorceress)

After the film, pick up the special “Animated! Family Trail”, where you can visit some key objects on display and do some activities to get you thinking of the Museum like an animator.







*Special offer: Kids hot chocolate or ice cream cone for £1 from Benugo cafe with valid film ticket*

Full listings:

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Wednesday 27 July, 10.00 Activities, 11.00 Screening
The plucky characters from a series of animated shorts, Wallace (Peter Sallis) and his dog, Gromit, make their feature debut here. After starting a pest control business, the duo soon lands a job from the alluring Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter) to stop a giant rabbit from destroying the town‘s crops. Both Wallace and the stuffy Victor (Ralph Fiennes) vie for the lady’s affections. If Wallace wants to please his pretty client, and best Victor, he needs to capture that pesky bunny.
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The Adventures of Prince Achmed 
Wednesday 3 August, 10.00 Activities, 11.00 Screening
The Adventures of Prince Achmed is a 1926 German animated fairytale film by Lotte Reiniger and is the oldest surviving animated feature film. A handsome prince rides a flying horse to far-away lands and embarks on magical adventures, which include befriending a witch, meeting Aladdin, battling demons and falling in love with a princess.
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Family-Friendly Animated Shorts 
Wednesday 10 August, 10.00 Activities, 11.00 Screening
Join us for a selection of short animations, picked specially for all the family. Many of them, including beautiful Fixing Luca by Jessica Ashman and a humorous take on the city London by Peter, are non-verbal and suited for all ages.

The Big Knights
Wednesday 24 August, 10.00 Activities, 11.00 Screening
Originally a BBC TV series of 13 short films by the award-winning animators who are now best known for Peppa Pig, this feature-length programme is a treat for all ages that shares Peppa Pig’s distinctive visual flair and laugh-out-loud wit. In the far off land of Borovia – where dragons are fierce, witches are wicked, scientists are insane, and television is in black & white – stands Castle Big, home of The Big Knights. Brothers Sir Boris (the finest swordsman in the world), Sir Morris (the most enthusiastic) and their noble pets (Sir Horace the Dog and Sir Doris the Hamster) right wrongs and rescue princesses – and woe betide anything that gets in their way!
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Kirikou and the Sorceress
Wednesday 31 August, 10.00 Activities, 11.00 Screening
Winner of 2002 Best European Feature Film.
The tiny Kirikou is born into an African village upon which a sorceress called Karaba has cast a terrible spell: the spring has dried up, the villagers are being blackmailed, the men of the village have either been kidnapped or have mysteriously disappeared. He wants to rid the village of the curse so he goes on a voyage to the Forbidden Mountain, where the Wise Man of the Mountain, who knows of Karaba and her secrets, awaits him.
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