Saturday 19 November 2016
11.00 – 17.00

This is a past event held in collaboration with the Centre for Childhood Cultures





Explore stories of children who migrated to East London from 1930 to the present day through short films, talks with child migrants, readings and music. Hear about Linh who escaped from Vietnam by boat with her father; Maurice who owes his life to a daily meal provided by the Red Cross during the Biafran war and Argun who rescued his family album from his bombed-out house in Cyprus. Part of the Being Human Festival.

Free, Drop-in, Age 7+ and adults

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Programme for the Day

11.30-12.00 ‘Child Migrant Stories’ (film)–experiences of children who migrated to East London from 1930 to the present day. Q&A with filmmakers, Eithne Nightingale and Mitchell Harris.

12.00-12.30 Performance by Woven Gold Choir from the Helen Bamber Foundation, human rights charity with the Trad Academy Shanty choir.

14.0-16.00 ‘You Are What You Play’ interactive games barter  workshops with Pan Arts Fortune group. Young people will teach you a game from their homelands and share the memories they bring.

13.30-14.10 ‘Passing Tides’ (film) The story of Linh Vu who escaped Vietnam by boat with her father. Q&A with Linh Vu.

14.15-14.55 ‘Ugwumpiti’ (film), the story of a young boy Maurice Nwokeji who survived hunger and bombs in the Biafran war in Nigeria. Q&A with Maurice Nwokeji.

15.00-15.30 Performance by Music Action International ‘Everyday People’, a music ensemble of young refugees living in London, working with an international team of professional musicians delivered in partnership with the British Red Cross.

15.45-16.25 ‘Life is A Destiny’ (film). The story of a young Turkish Cypriot boy Argun, who rescued his family photo album from their bombed house in Cyprus. It was the sole possession he brought with him on his journey to London. Q&A with Argun Imamzade.

16.30-17.00 Performance by ‘One Jah’ reggae band.

17.00-17.15 Musical Finale with Woven Gold, Trad Academy Shanty choir, Pan Arts Fortune Group.