Saturday 18th November 2017
Free, Age 10+
Booking Required – This event is fully booked

Inspiration Machine ©Sara Ogilvie

©Sara Ogilvie

A creative writing workshop with children’s authors Anna Kemp and Sylvia Bishop.

If I tell you to write a story about anything, you might feel quite stuck. But if I say that the story must include a goldfish, a gun and the Queen of England, then ideas suddenly start to sprout. This is the creative magic of constraint.

This playful workshop is an opportunity to learn how famous (and infamous) writers use creative constraints, and to try some out for yourself. The workshop will be led by children’s authors Anna Kemp (Dogs don’t do ballet, The Worst Princess), and Sylvia Bishop (Erica’s Elephant, The Bookshop Girl). Suitable for aspiring writers, the curious, and the silly.

This event is part of the Being Human festival, the UK’s only national festival of the humanities, and is supported by the Centre for Childhood Cultures. The event is free but tickets should be reserved at

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