Tuesdays, 8 weeks,
25 April – 20 June 2017 (Half-term: 30 May)
18.30 – 20.30

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

This course will explore East London’s remarkable past. What are the historical, cultural and demographic forces that have always defined the land east of the City as somehow ‘different’ from other parts of London? How does this history continue to shape the way Britain thinks about its cities?

Horace Warner, Courtesy of Spitalfields Life.

Covering East London’s history from 1600 onwards it will focus in particular on the heart of the East End, the old metropolitan boroughs of Bethnal Green, Poplar, Stepney and Bow. The sessions will explore the history of these highly-charged places through a series of subject case-studies, looking at how events in East London had profound and long-lasting effects on wider ideas in British culture. Topics include: art, design and handicrafts, public museums, class relations, migration, green spaces, architecture, housing and communities, local government, literature, heritage. In all cases, East London continues to exert an influence over London as a whole: the metropolis continues to move towards the east.