9 – 10 November, 12.00 (40mins), Open Studio
Free, drop-in, Ages 5+

Ludotecnia – Audiovisual Live Set

Join Buenos Aires-based artist Jorge Crowe for an electric music performance on a mixing desk made from toys and gadgets.

A colourful, playful and quirky show for children and adults alike, ‘Ludotecnia’ has been performed in 25 cities overseas and is being brought to the UK for the first time with this free, live set for children and adults at the V&A Museum of Childhood.

Ludotecnia – Audiovisual Live Set

Crowe spent over a decade working at his toy lab (Laboratorio de Juguete) in Argentina, teaching the use of electronics as creative tools – a project which informs Ludotecnia.
A cross between a sound engineer’s mixing desk and a toymakers workbench, Crowe will activate an army of plastic robots and gadgets adapted to produce and respond to sound, building up a chiming electronic soundscape, while psychedelically colourful projections generated from filming the devices at work flow over the walls of the performance space.

Supported by the Embassy of the Argentine Republic