Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June 2017

Build, design and construct! Join the construction team this half-term in a series of workshops and activities inspired by the townscape of the Museum’s new installation, Place (Village) by Rachel Whiteread.

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Where We Live: Print Workshop
10.30, 12.00, 14.00 & 15.30 (60min), £5 per child, Age 7+

Get inspired by the present and the past of where you live, and design your own colourful townscape. Work with creative practitioner Alice Bednarova and explore the unlimited possibilities of positive and negative space through block printing.


Little Lantern Houses Workshop
10.40, 12.30 & 14.40 (80min), £7 per child, Age 5+

Join artist Frances Barry in this workshop exploring a range of simple crafting techniques including stamping, stencilling and rubbing to create miniature paper houses. Simple brick patterns, windows and chimneys are explained and used to create detail for each little lantern house, which then comes to life with its own light. Inspired by Rachel Whiteread’s Place (Village) display.



Drop-in activities

Telling Tales
10.30 & 14.00, all ages, Make it Happen area

There is a rumor about a small house you can find in the Museum’s new installation, Place (Village) by Rachael Whiteread, that something magical happens if you visit there… An interactive storytelling for all ages.

Explore: Dolls’ Houses
11.15 & 14.45, ages 5+, Make it Happen area

Discover more about the Museum’s impressive collection of Dolls’ Houses, and have a closer look at some dolls’ houses furniture. An informative and fun talk followed by a hands-on activities.

Cardboard Village
11.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.00

Get inspired by the townscape of Rachael Whiteread’s Place (Village), and help building our own cardboard village in the Museum!

Design your Museum Dolls’ House
11.00-12.30 & 13.30-16.00

What would be the ultimate Museum of Childhood Dolls’ House? Which toys will live in the house, who will manage the kitchen, and what furniture do we need…? Take an adventure around the galleries to pick what you would put in the house from our Collection of toys, games and more, and design the best Museum Doll’s House to win the prizes!

Ask a Volunteer…

Visit our Dolls’ Houses collection during the half term, and you may meet our volunteers who can tell you more about them!


Place (Village) by Rachael Whiteread, Creativity Gallery, Mezzanine

Dolls’ Houses Collection, Childhood Gallery, First Floor


Illustrations by Rachel Tudor Best

Workshop Terms & Conditions

  • Children need to be accompanied by adults during the workshop. At least 1 adult per 4 children, but no more than 1 adult per 1 child is required.
  • Please note that we cannot accommodate younger children without tickets in the workshop room.