Monday 27 November 2017- Friday, 5 January 2018

Come on an unusual sensory journey through the Museum.

Pick up an audio trail and be guided by a colourful narrator around the Museum and into a series of objects that will spark your imagination through sound. Explore the changing sounds of Christmas through our new Museum display. The audio trail features specially commissioned pieces by the acclaimed sound artist Neil Luck.

Christmas Soundscape

To start your journey now, pick up a map from the Information Desk, put your headphones on, and play the tracks

Track 1 – Sounds of Christmas Display

Track 2 – Puppets

Track 3 – The Nuremburg House

Track 4 – Board Games

Track 5 – Automata

Neil Luck is a composer, performer and director based in London. He is interested in live performance, fallible bodies, the pathetic, the esoteric and the ridiculous. His works take a number of forms from staged music theatre works, to small scale performances, radio shows, workshops, curated festivals and recorded releases. He founded the experimental music theatre group ARCO and co-founded the artist cooperative squib-box.