26 June – 7 November 2010
Jewellery Stories from the East End

We decorate our bodies with ornaments of great personal and cultural significance. Every piece of jewellery tells a particular story and what we consider valuable is highly subjective. Gold and diamonds make expensive statements about material worth, whereas an inexpensive trinket might have some profound sentimental value associated with a place, a person, or a time in our life.

Treasured gifts may tell a story of our attachment to the giver. Jewellery of the deceased might be worn in memory of someone special. Fashion jewellery says something about style and identity.

Front Room exhibition Bling was a collaborative project with the London College of Fashion which combined the work of local school children, Foundation Diploma students and contemporary jewellers with an East End link, including, Camilla David, Louise Evans, Oona Ball, Catriona Faulkener, Linny McClarty, Jo Hayes-Ward, Maya Selway, and award-winning jewellery designer Shaun Leane.

Participating schools included Old Palace Primary School Tower Hamlets, Kingsmead Primary School and Hackney Free and Parochial Secondary School, Hackney.