10 February 2018 – 20 January 2019

An exploration of dreams, the unconscious and an imaginary world between sleep and wakefulness, Dream On looks at our relationship to objects and the power of the inanimate. This exhibition plays with the notion that objects come to life when we are not looking, much like our dreams as we fall asleep.

©Sylvain Deleu

Photographer ©Sylvain Deleu

Christie Brown’s figurative ceramic installation ‘Ludus Est’ references dolls and toys in the collection and her own childhood memories. In a series of dream-like tableaux we are taken on a narrative journey in which two dolls explore the museum after hours.

Mirroring Christie Brown’s practice we have worked with students of CAMHS Campus School Springfield Hospital, creating a surreal sculptural fantasy of what the museum’s liberated inhabitants might get up to when everyone has gone home.

Hakeem by Exuma

Hakeem by Exuma

Photographer Madeleine Waller and artist Katherine Tulloh have worked with Year 5 pupils from Lauriston Primary School, Hackney. They have retold, staged and photographed scenes to create images which illustrate their own remembered dreams.