International Artists’ Exchange
27 November 2010 – 12 June 2011

We all make journeys and we all react in different ways to the experience. In 2010, five artists were given the opportunity to visit each others’ countries for two months, experiencing the culture, encountering differences and making creative responses.

Each of the artists work in quite distinct ways and with very different materials, from the enamel painting of Tapan Das, and the fashion and textile designs of Lokesh Gai, to the metalwork of Steven Follen, the paper constructions of Thurle Wright and the folk art painting of Tarun Ghosh.

Sense of Place presented experiences of Bangladesh, India and England through the artists’ unique reactions to material and place, also revealing the stimulating role that museum collections can play in inspiring artists’ work and providing somewhere for the public to access personal journeys.

A curatorial collaboration with A Fine Line, and in partnership with The Harley Gallery