2006 – 2007

Sweet explored the relationship between architecture and trade and how it has shaped our cityscapes.

As part of the exhibition, some of Jaimini Patel’s sculptures of buildings remaining from 18th century colonial Britain were displayed  – highly detailed models made from the very commodities that fortunes were built on: tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar and spices.

Schoolchildren, adults and elders worked with artists to create inventive responses to the work, drawing inspiration from the Museum’s dolls’ house collection to construct their own confectionery versions of Georgian splendour.

London is a city built on finance and the 21st century skyline is dominated by the monumental, glittering spires built by developers and private investment. Colourful interpretations of some urban icons including ‘the Gherkin’ were also on display.

Supported by ABN AMRO, Allen & Overy Foundation and Divine Chocolate