Wrapped Christmas presents, outlined by yellow halo effect on black and red-dotted background.

Our top 8 creepiest Christmas objects at the V&A

Sometimes some very unusual – and dare we say – slightly bizarre Christmas presents end up in our vast collection of items at the V&A. From creepy dismembered dolls to filled stocking monkeys, here are 8 of the most weird Christmas presents you can find in our collection. How would you rank our list? Which one do you think is the creepiest?

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Spooky Christmas-fairy-baby hybrid doll

Doll in black and white imahe

Have you ever seen a scarier Christmas-fairy-baby hybrid? Probably not. This weird wax doll was made between 1900 and 1925 in the UK, and would be perfect in a horror film. Just check out the eerie look in their eyes – they feel like they’re following you around the room! Creepy!

Chatty Archie

Archie Andrews, a doll wearing a grey and red suit

We hope this doll doesn’t start talking by itself, because it looks like it might come to life! This is a ventriloquist’s doll; a ventriloquist is an entertainer who moves the body of the doll and is really good at making it look like it’s talking all by itself. Archie’s whole look is a little strange, but it’s even stranger when he comes to life!

Nothing like modern dolls 

Salome Topsey Moss, a doll with a leather body

Way back in 1893, this present was gifted to a young girl. With its leather body and porcelain head, the toy is called a bisque (pronounced: bisk) doll that was made in Germany. Although it was no doubt made beautifully, it looks very odd by our modern standards. Newer dolls aren’t made like this anymore; they’re usually created from plastic – or ceramic if they’re fancy! 

Petrifying porcelain doll

Doll, wearing a pink dress

In at number 4 we have another bisque doll; this one is made slightly different to the first bisque doll on the list as it doesn’t have the same leather arms and legs. This doll has eyes that are beady and unsettling, imagine having this on a shelf in your bedroom. We’ve got shivers thinking about it!

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Squeaky clean figurine

Walt Disney's Davy Crockett, a bar of soap

We all love to keep squeaky clean, but this bar of soap takes it to a whole other level. Yeah – you read that right, a bar of soap, not a cool figurine that would look great on a shelf with a bunch of collectables! The face looks nothing like the original actor in the Walt Disney film – making this a creepy find in our collection.

Baked birds, anyone? 

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie, a decorative pie

This realistic looking decorative piece might not be creepy, but is slightly peculiar. The maker of this odd gift has created a pie-like-object with blackbirds “baked” in…which is slightly savage! Traditionally, the pie would’ve been brought out on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas and placed in the middle of the table. After singing the classic nursery rhyme (“Sing a song of sixpence / A pocket full of rye / Four and twenty blackbirds / Baked in a pie”), someone would open the pie to reveal small presents for the children. Weird?

Seen better days 

Christine, the doll with their body pieces separated

Christine has definitely seen better days! This 1950s doll (called Christine!) was made in England and the history of this doll started in 1951 when she was gifted to a child. The toy ended up being found by the niece of the original owner. We don’t think she would’ve been originally like this… but the fact that she’s never been put back together since does make her pretty creepy looking!

Beady button eyes and a clown like smile 

Andelusia, the monkey doll made from stockings

Last but not least we have this Andelusia doll. This toy was made in England in the 1960s, and would’ve been a much loved gift. Made out of stockings, these objects have long arms and legs, buttons for eyes and an extra wide clown-like-smile. Would you put this on the creepy or the cute list?