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Another Russia: Post-Soviet Printmaking

Another Russia: Post-Soviet Printmaking

What : Displays

When : 8 December 2016 - 15 August 2017

Where :  Gallery 88a

Free, drop-in

DISPLAY: After the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, Russian artists who no longer felt defined by resistance to authority could reflect wistfully, ironically or polemically on utopian concepts like the Ideal City or the New Soviet Man. They also brought a fresh point of view to issues informing the western cultural conversation: architecture and urban living, rationally-planned versus informal settlements, the interplay of aesthetics and ideology, new technology and social change, national and other forms of identity, conflict and migration.

Our temporary displays complement our permanent collection; there are many free displays around the V&A. They range in size from a single case to a room.

Paintings, Room 88a and The Julie and Robert Breckman Prints & Drawings Gallery, Room 90

Free, drop-in


Image: Lost Ideals of Happy Childhood by Timur Novikov (1958-2002), 2000


Purchased through The Julie and Robert Breckman Print Fund

Museum number: E.2086-2004

(c) Estate of Timur Novikov

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