Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Finance Department: Officers' Meetings, 1982-1989
Reference: ACGB/16
Extent: 1m 15cm

Scope and content

These files contain agendas, notes (minutes) and papers relating to the regular meetings held between Finance Officers and Officers from other Departments at which applications were discussed.

There are files for meetings with the following departments: Art, 1985-1988; Combined Arts, 1982-1988; Dance, 1984-1988; Drama, 1986-1988; Literature, 1986-1987; Music, 1985-1989; Planning, 1987-1988; Regional, 1982-1987; Training, 1983-1988; and Touring, 1984-1988.

N.B. There are many agendas, notes and papers missing from these groupings and they are by no means comprehensive, except for the Art, Music and Regional meetings papers which are reasonably complete.

No list of individual files is currently available.


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Restrictions on access

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