Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Finance Department: Miscellaneous Material, 1941-1995
Reference: ACGB/21
Extent: 145 items

Scope and content

This series consists of an artificial and miscellaneous grouping of material for which all context has been lost. It contains mainly copies of reports and publications, some produced by the Arts Council, some by external organisations. It also contains a few administrative files on subjects such as arts centres and transport subsidies, award certificates, and old papers relating to the Bristol Theatre Royal/ Bristol Old Vic Company, the Salisbury Arts Theatre and the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

The material in this series has been arranged chronologically.


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Detailed catalogue

Reference Description Dates
ACGB/21/144 Accounts for the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts and the Arts Council of Great Britain
1 box
ACGB/21/41 Bristol Theatre Royal: correspondence, inventory and valuation and legal documents. 1942-1955
ACGB/21/82 Bristol Old Vic Company: accounts, agendas, minutes and press cuttings. 1942-1957
ACGB/21/109 [Lists of Grants and Guarantees Awarded]. 1943-1962
ACGB/21/106 Leases concerning Salisbury [Arts Theatre]. 1945-1955
ACGB/21/28 Information Sheets. 1946 - ca. 1980s
There are information sheets on broadcast concerts, regional offices, industrial music clubs, Wigmore Hall, CEMA/Arts Council General, 105 Piccadilly and 4, St James Square.
ACGB/21/43 Arts Council O & M Reports 1950/51, 1955. R.O.H., C.G. Ltd 1948. 1948-1955
ACGB/21/83 Tennent Productions Ltd/ Company of Four: Weekly Returns. 1949-1951
ACGB/21/81 Cambridge Arts Theatre: Programmes and Minutes, Stencilled Papers. 1949-1952
ACGB/21/91 The Arts Council of Great Britain Review: Main Report. 1950
ACGB/21/42 Bristol Old Vic Company: budgets and weekly returns. 1952-1954
ACGB/21/84 Old Papers for filing up to 1970. 1957-1968
This item consists of one box of miscellaneous papers covering subjects such as: Young People's Theatre Activities Questionnaires, the Northcott Theatre, Exeter, the Digswell Arts Trust and the King's Lynn Festival.
ACGB/21/73 Bristol Old Vic Company: weekly accounts. 1959-1963
ACGB/21/104 The Poetry Book Society: Annual Reports, Accounts and Papers. 1960-1968
ACGB/21/85 Photocopied extracts from the score of 'Faust'. 1962-1963
These photocopies are marked as property of the Arts Council of Great Britain under the Opera for All scheme. They are also annotated with people's names.
ACGB/21/75 Transport Subsidies 1962/63. 1962-1964
This item consists of one box containing 28 files and some loose papers.
ACGB/21/70 Commer Van BYY 374B. 1962-1965
ACGB/21/86 Sadler's Wells: weekly summaries, budgets and minutes. 1962-1967
ACGB/21/145 Young Contemporaries exhibitions 1962-1967
ACGB/21/76 Transport Subsidies 1963/64. 1963-1964
This item consists of one box containing 35 files.
ACGB/21/66 Royal Opera House: Finance Sub-Committee Minutes and Budgets. 1963-1966
ACGB/21/77 Transport Subsidies 1964/65. 1964-1965
This item consists of one box containing 36 files.
ACGB/21/64 National Theatre: Miscellaneous papers. 1964-1969
ACGB/21/120 Miscellaneous Programmes 1966-1971
ACGB/21/102 The Charter of Incorporation Granted by Her Majesty the Queen to the Arts Council of Great Britain. ca. 1967
ACGB/21/65 Correspondence and plans relating to the Hayward Gallery. 1967-1968
ACGB/21/74 Miscellaneous Client Papers. 1967-1969
ACGB/21/105 Arts Administration Course Files. 1967-1977
This item consists of five files marked A/1/1-5 containing papers relating to the Arts Administration Course and the McLeish Family.
ACGB/21/143 Pension fund
1 box
ACGB/21/87 D.A.L.T.A. Spring 1968 Tour Statistics: Grand Theatre, Leeds, 26th Feb to 13th April 1968. 1968
ACGB/21/88 London Orchestral Concerts Board Limited: Estimated Account of Income and Expenditure 1st April 1968 to 31st March 1969. 30 Mar 1969
ACGB/21/22 [Arts Centres Miscellaneous Papers]. ca. 1970s.
The arts centres covered by this material include: Alfreton Hall, Brycbox Youth Arts Workshop, Chester Arts and Recreation Trust, New Planet City, Shoreham Youth Workshop and the Drum Arts Centre.
ACGB/21/89 Arts Council of Great Britain: Regional Analysis of Grant-in-Aid 1968/69. 16 Mar 1970
ACGB/21/90 Papers collected to aid the investigation into the financial position of the Sadler's Wells Trust Limited. 26 Oct 1970
ACGB/21/51 The Theatre Today in England and Wales: The Report of The Arts Council Theatre Enquiry 1970. 1970
ACGB/21/92 The Royal Shakespeare Company: Notes for Discussion. 14 Sept 1971
ACGB/21/93 The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: Notes for Discussion. 29 Oct 1971
ACGB/21/94 The Arts Council of Great Britain Report on the Four Major Grant-Aided Theatres: Main Report. 14 Jan 1972
ACGB/21/97 The Arts Council of Great Britain Report on the Four Major Grant-Aided Theatres: Supplementary Report -'B' Sadler's Wells Opera. 14 Jan 1972
ACGB/21/96 The Arts Council of Great Britain Report on the Four Major Grant-Aided Theatres: Supplementary Report -'C' The Royal Shakespeare Company. 14 Jan 1972
ACGB/21/95 The Arts Council of Great Britain Report on the Four Major Grant-Aided Theatres: Supplementary Report -'D' The National Theatre. 14 Jan 1972
ACGB/21/101 Arts Alive Merseyside: The free monthly magazine of the Merseyside Arts Association. Nov 1972
ACGB/21/80 Notes prepared on behalf of the Welsh Arts Council in anticipation of political action being taken on the Kilbrandon Report, which may affect the status and mode of operation of the Welsh Arts Council. May 1974
ACGB/21/79 Welsh Arts Council: The First Seven Years: A review of the Literature Committee's work 1968/9 to 1974/5. 1974
ACGB/21/78 Notes prepared for the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Welsh Arts Council for discussions on Regional Policy, Devolution and Reorganisation of the Welsh Arts Council. June 1975
ACGB/21/11 [Outer Critics Circle Award 1974-1975 Certificate]. 1975
This award was given to the Arts Council of Great Britain for its support of the National Theatre Company, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the English Stage Society, theYoung Vic and others and for the subsequent enrichment of the New York theatre.
ACGB/21/14 Mauricio Kagel 'Theatrum Instrumentorum'. 1975-1976
ACGB/21/40 The Arts Council of Great Britain Report on the National Theatre's Estimates. 1976
ACGB/21/5 Film-makers on tour. 1976
ACGB/21/13 The International Competition for a Musical Composition 'Holocaust and Rebirth'. 1976
ACGB/21/69 Previous Years Filing. 1977-1981
ACGB/21/6 Arts Council Film Tour 1979/80 Unit Three. 1979
ACGB/21/48 Arts Council of Great Britain: Organisation and Procedures: Report of the Working Party 1979. 1979
ACGB/21/52 An invitation to the nation to invest in the arts: A Great British Success Story. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/26 Historical Material. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/30 Palace Theatre Centre leaflet advertising the Palace Privilege Card. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/31 The Palace Theatre Centre proudly presents Benefits for Business or As You Like It. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/39 The Royal Court: A Unique Resource. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/12 List of Insurances for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, The Aldwych, London. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/27 Published Works. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/103 Papers for Second Meeting of the Touring Consortium. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/9 Unpacking 7 Films. ca. 1980s
ACGB/21/8 Arts in Action. ca. 1980
ACGB/21/57 Internal Memo: OWP - Delegation of Authority. Mar 1980
ACGB/21/58 The Arts Council of Great Britain and the regional arts associations: Towards a new relationship. May 1980
ACGB/21/59 Organisation Working Party: Delegation of Authority: Report on Subsidy Procedures. Oct 1980
ACGB/21/108 South Hill Park Arts Centre. 1980
ACGB/21/140 Allocation lists and budgets
1 bundle
ACGB/21/124 Devolution of Theatre Writing Commissioning Monies.
1 file
ACGB/21/115 Arts Council of Great Britain: IBM System/34 Computer System Subsidies System Functional Specification. 26 May 1981
ACGB/21/60 Writers in Education 1951-1979: A survey and report. May 1981
ACGB/21/50 Writers and the Arts Council. 1981
ACGB/21/7 Arts in Action. 1982
ACGB/21/47 New Theatre Writing Schemes 1983-4. ca. 1983
ACGB/21/118 Opera and Dance: Report of the Study Group. Feb 1983
ACGB/21/15 Financial Scrutiny of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden Ltd and the Royal Shakespeare Company Volume I. 1983
ACGB/21/16 Financial Scrutiny of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden Ltd and the Royal Shakespeare Company Volume II. 1983
ACGB/21/36 The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, Development Trust. 1983
ACGB/21/18 The Priestley Report on the Royal Opera House and Royal Shakespeare Company. Paper for Council by the Deputy Secretary-General, no.C83p46. 1983
ACGB/21/121 Literature statistics.
1 file
ACGB/21/123 Appraisals and evaluations
1 bundle
ACGB/21/45 Grants to Writers and Theatre Companies for New Plays: New Theatre Writing Schemes 1984-5. ca. 1984
ACGB/21/62 The Glory of the Garden press release. Mar 1984
ACGB/21/114 The Arts Council: Report on Qualitative Research: Contemporary Music Network. June 1984
ACGB/21/117 Jazz in Education: A Report on the Pilot Projects 1983/84. Sept 1984t
ACGB/21/61 The Glory of the Garden: The Development of the Arts in England. 1984
ACGB/21/1 Guide to Awards and Schemes: An introduction to the work of Arts Council Departments and the types of grants available in 1984-85. 1984
ACGB/21/116 Regional and National Jazz Organisations Assessments. 1984
ACGB/21/63 National Theatre Budgets 1984/85, 1986/87 and 1987/88. 1984-1987
ACGB/21/130 Indemnity
1 file
ACGB/21/44 Job Creation in the Arts: a report for the Arts Council of Great Britain by Graham Marchant. First Draft. Ma 1985
ACGB/21/113 Afro-Caribbean/South Asian Music Inquiry Report. June 1985
ACGB/21/49 Opera Provision outside London: Report of the Opera Study Group. June 1985
ACGB/21/38 National Theatre: Report on effects of water penetration through joints in the structure. July 1985
ACGB/21/21 Gloucestershire Everyman Theatre 1986/87 Funding Requirements. Sept 1985
ACGB/21/46 Keping the Show on the Road: A report on touring in England by Graham Devlin. Nov 1985
ACGB/21/23 Theatre Projects: A New Orange Tree Theatre: Proposed Design. Dec 1985
ACGB/21/3 Arts Council Guide to Awards and Schemes: An introduction to the work of Arts Council Departments and the types of grants available in 1985-86. 1985
ACGB/21/33 The National Theatre Board Annual Report and Accounts 1983/84. 1985
ACGB/21/17 Royal Shakespeare Theatre Quinquennial Report prepared by Michael Reardon & Associates, Chartered Architects. 1985
ACGB/21/37 Shared Experience. 1985
ACGB/21/119 The Supplemental Charter of Incorporation Granted by Her Majesty the Queen to the Arts Council of Great Britain. ca. 1985
ACGB/21/72 [Care of Finance Filing Systems]. 1985-1987
ACGB/21/138 Bankers' Automated Clearing Services
1 file
ACGB/21/20 Duke's Playhouse Review. Feb 1986
ACGB/21/55 Theatre Enquiry - Finance Director's Submission. Apr 1986
ACGB/21/25 Aspects of Funding Regional Theatres subsidised by the Arts Council of Great Britain, with case studies. Sept 1986
ACGB/21/53 Partnership: Making arts money work harder. Sept 1986
ACGB/21/24 Theatre in Leatherhead: The Thorndike Theatre. Sept 1986
ACGB/21/32 110th Report of the Council 1985/86: Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. 1986
ACGB/21/54 A Policy for Theatre For Young People: A joint statement by the Arts Council and the Regional Arts Associations. 1986
ACGB/21/2 Arts Council Awards and Schemes 1986-87. 1986
ACGB/21/29 Cambridge Theatre Company 100th Production Souvenir Brochure. 1986
ACGB/21/110 Customer Sales List - UK. 1986
ACGB/21/35 Password. 1986
ACGB/21/111 [Subsidy Account 1985/86 Archive Printout]. 1986
ACGB/21/112 [Subsidy Account 1985/86 Archive Printout]. 1986
ACGB/21/34 Theatre Royal Presentations plc Offer for Subscription under the terms of the Busicess Expansion Scheme. 1986
ACGB/21/56 Paperbacks and Leather Bindings: The report of an inquiry into the operations of literary shrines in England. Jan 1987
ACGB/21/4 Arts Council Awards and Schemes 1987-88. 1987
ACGB/21/19 Nuffield Theatre Management and Financial Systems Review. 1987
ACGB/21/10 The Arts: Politics, Power & the Purse: An international conference on the structure of arts funding 4 & 5 March 1987, London. 1987
ACGB/21/71 Capricorn Concerts Trust. 1987-1989
ACGB/21/127 South Bank Board accounts file
1 file
ACGB/21/67 For Revenue Clients: Conditions of Financial Assistance. Mar 1988
ACGB/21/99 Fashioning a Future for the Arts: Towards a Regional Plan for Arts Development. 1988
ACGB/21/122 Accounts working papers.
1 bundle
ACGB/21/132 Value Added Tax schedule
1 file
ACGB/21/139 Arts Council Collection
1 file
ACGB/21/142 Trust funds
1 bundle
ACGB/21/68 The Distribution of Books of Small Presses: a study for the National Endowment for the Arts by Leonard Shatzkin. Jan 1989
ACGB/21/136 Job descriptions
1 file
ACGB/21/128 Tax claims (Recoverable income tax)
1 file
ACGB/21/98 The Arts in All Our Lives: A Strategy for the Arts in the South 1990-1995. Jan 1990
ACGB/21/100 Arts on the Map: The Regional Plan for Arts Development. 1990
ACGB/21/107 Association of British Orchestras. 1990
ACGB/21/125 Wilding report
1 file
ACGB/21/133 Rates correspondence
1 file
ACGB/21/129 Tax: Foreign Entertainers Unit
1 file
ACGB/21/141 Miscellaneous transactions
1 file
ACGB/21/135 Regional Arts Boards correspondence
1 file
ACGB/21/131 Grant Management Unit
1 file
ACGB/21/126 Inter-disciplinary projects: Women in the Arts
1 file
ACGB/21/137 Broadcasting and the Arts correspondence
1 file
ACGB/21/134 Price Waterhouse on market testing
1 file