Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Information Department: Library Administration Papers, 1970-1990
Reference: ACGB/87
Extent: 3 metres


In 1973 the Research and Information Unit was established as part of the Regional Department. Three years later the Regional Department was dismembered which led the Research and Information Unit to occupy a more centralised role within the Arts Council, and consequently meant an increase in the unit's workload.

A consultancy report in 1977 by Alan Gilchrist recommended that the library be given more attention by the unit and following this the Librarian post was established. Before this Report was undertaken, the unit had only employed a Library Assistant.

In the early 1980s the Senior Research and Information Officer began to increase the emphasis upon the library. It began to move away from its role of supporting the section towards a much more active role. In 1985 the Library was managed as the Information/Library section within Information Services, then a year later it was moved to the new Marketing and Resources Department within the new Services Division.

Finally, the Library moved to the Finance and Resources Division in 1991 as part of a separate Information Department.

Scope and content

This series consists of papers created through the administration of the Arts Council's Library. It includes copies of internal memos, orders and invoices, subscriptions and stock control papers.

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Restrictions on access

The files in this series were appraised in 2009 and returned to Arts Council England.