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Introduction and summary description


Scope and content



Historical background and structure of the archive

Arts Development Division, 1928-1997

Combined Arts Unit, 1986-1996

Dance Department, 1966-1996

Drama Department, 1928-1995

Film, Video and Broadcasting Department, 1950-1997

Literature Department., 1937-1997

Music Department, 1936-1995

Touring Department, 1933-1996

Visual Arts Department, 1942-1996

Cross-Departmental Units, 1962-1995

Finance and Resources Division, 1940-1996

Finance Department, 1940-1996

Information Department, 1957-1991

Personnel Department, 1946-1986

Policy and External Relations Division, 1942-1996

External Relations Department, 1956-1995

National Arts and Media Strategy Unit, 1988-1993

Policy and Planning Unit, 1950-1996

Secretariat, 1942-1994

Hayward Gallery Material, 1935-1997

National Resource Centre for Dance Material, 1953-1989

Public Record Office Material, 1939-1985

Detailed catalogue by series

ACGB/1: Finance Dept: Client Correspondence Files (a-d), 1940-1995

ACGB/1: Finance Dept: Client Correspondence Files (e-l), 1940-1995

ACGB/1: Finance Dept: Client Correspondence Files (m-q), 1940-1995

ACGB/1: Finance Dept: Client Correspondence Files (r-z), 1940-1995

ACGB/2: Finance Dept: Offer Letters, 1965-1994

ACGB/3: Finance Dept: 'B' Series Files, 1946-1985

ACGB/4: Finance Dept: International Initiatives Fund Files, 1987-1994

ACGB/5: Finance Dept: Incentive Funding Files, 1985-1991

ACGB/6: Finance Dept: National Audit of Capital Needs Files, 1992-1993

ACGB/7: Finance Dept: Regional Material, 1976-1991

ACGB/8: Finance Dept: Financial Controller's Files, 1967-1995

ACGB/9: Finance Dept: Client Administration Files, 1980-1996

ACGB/10: Finance Dept: Client Account Files, 1950-1995

ACGB/11: Finance Dept: 'RO' Minutes, Agendas and Papers, 1969-1983

ACGB/12: Finance Dept: Housing the Arts Files, 1960-1994

ACGB/13: Finance Dept: Administration and Policy Files, 1946-1994

ACGB/14: Finance Dept: Quarterly Returns, 1981-1987

ACGB/15: Finance Dept: Annual Accounts Working Papers, 1945-1986

ACGB/16: Finance Dept: Officers' Meetings, 1982-1989

ACGB/17: Finance Dept: Miscellaneous Minutes, Agendas and Papers, 1965-1991

ACGB/18: Finance Dept: Contemporary Music Network Files, 1974-1987

ACGB/19: Finance Dept: Applications Lists, 1964-1990

ACGB/20: External Relations Dept: Miscellaneous Papers, 1987-1995

ACGB/21: Finance Dept: Miscellaneous Material, 1941-1995

ACGB/22: Finance Dept: Fee Letters, 1968-1988

ACGB/23: Finance Dept: Appraisal Files, 1981-1992

ACGB/24: Finance Dept: Accounts Books, 1943-1986

ACGB/25: Dance Dept: Regional Material, 1984-1995

ACGB/26: Dance Dept: Policy & Information Files, 1966-1996

ACGB/27: Dance Dept: Client Funding Administration, 1978-1995

ACGB/28: Dance Dept: Individuals & Organisations, 1968-1995

ACGB/29: Visual Arts Dept: Individuals & Organisations, 1946-1996

ACGB/30: Visual Arts Dept: Major Direct Promotions, 1942-1992

ACGB/31: Visual Arts Dept: Client Funding Administration, 1959-1996

ACGB/32: Visual Arts Dept: Policy & Information Files, 1947-1995

ACGB/33: Visual Arts Dept: Regional Material, 1967-1991

ACGB/34: Drama Dept: Individuals & Organisations, 1942-1995

ACGB/35: Secretariat: Administration Back Files, 1942-1990

ACGB/36: Secretariat: Signed Council Minutes, 1964-1986

ACGB/37: Drama Dept: Tour Files, 1942-1960

ACGB/38: Drama Dept: Drama General, 1944-1995

ACGB/39: Drama Dept: Young People's Theatre, 1967-1995

ACGB/40: Drama Dept: Theatre Writing, 1950-1991

ACGB/41: Drama Dept: Client Funding Administration, 1944-1995

ACGB/42: Drama Dept: Manuals, 1943-1992

ACGB/43: Drama Dept: Policy & Information Files, 1928-1994

ACGB/44: Drama Dept: Regional Material, 1971-1993

ACGB/45: Secretariat: Chairman's Papers, 1989-1994

ACGB/46: Secretariat: Miscellaneous Files, 1945-1995

ACGB/47: Secretariat: Accommodation Back Files, 1945-1984

ACGB/48: Secretariat: Later Chronological Filing Series, 1989-1994

ACGB/49: Music Dept: Client Funding Administration, 1948-1995

ACGB/50: Music Dept: Individuals and Organisations, 1936-1995

ACGB/51: Music Dept: Policy & Information Files, 1943-1995

ACGB/52: Music Dept: Regional Material, 1965-1994

ACGB/53: Music Dept: Music Director's Files, 1964-1989

ACGB/54: Film, Video & Broadcasting Dept: Policy & Information Files, 1950-1997

ACGB/55: Film, Video & Broadcasting Dept: Client Funding Administration, 1966-1995

ACGB/56: Film, Video & Broadcasting Dept: Major Direct Promotions, 1950-1994

ACGB/57: Film, Video & Broadcasting Dept: Regional Material, 1977-1991

ACGB/58: Film, Video & Broadcasting Dept: Individuals & Organisations, 1954-1996

ACGB/59: Literature Dept: Policy & Information Files, 1937-1997

ACGB/60: Literature Dept: Client Funding Administration, 1955-1993

ACGB/61: Literature Dept: Regional Material, 1952-1992

ACGB/62: Literature Dept: Individuals & Organisations, 1947-1994

ACGB/63: Literature Dept: Major Direct Promotions, 1952-1987

ACGB/64: External Relations Dept: Marketing Officer's Files, 1964-1990

ACGB/65: External Relations Dept: Press Cuttings & Press Releases, 1952-1988

ACGB/66: External Relations Dept: Director of Marketing & Resources Files, 1986-1990

ACGB/67: External Relations Dept: Press & Public Relations Files, 1977-1994

ACGB/68: Information Dept: Information/Library Unit Files, 1966-1991

ACGB/69: External Relations Dept: Miscellaneous Files, 1956-1993

ACGB/70: Information Dept: 'G' Series, 1970-1984

ACGB/71: External Relations Dept: 'C' Series, 1974-1985

ACGB/72: Education Unit: Arts Education in a Multicultural Society, 1985-1992

ACGB/73: Personnel Dept: ACGB Retirement Plan, 1946-1983

ACGB/74: Personnel Dept: Personnel Files, 1969-1986

ACGB/75: Hayward Gallery: Policy & Information Files, 1935-1997

ACGB/76: Policy & Planning Unit: Deputy Secretary-General's Files, 1990-1994

ACGB/77: Information Dept: Information Officer's Arts & Disability Papers, 1977-1988

ACGB/78: Finance Dept: Weekly Returns, 1964-1989

ACGB/79: Ethnic Minority Arts Unit Papers, 1976-1989

ACGB/80: Arts & Disability Unit Papers, 1986-1995

ACGB/81: Training Unit: Arts Administration Course Files, 1962-1995

ACGB/82: Combined Arts Unit: New Collaborations Fund, 1991-1996

ACGB/83: Combined Arts Unit: Head of Combined Arts Unit's Files, 1991-1995

ACGB/84: Finance Dept: Housing the Arts: "Closed Files", 1961-1985

ACGB/85: Information Dept: "Arts Documentation Monthly", 1976-1989

ACGB/86: Information Dept: Library Holdings, 1957-1991

ACGB/87: Information Dept: Library Administration Papers, 1970-1990

ACGB/88: Combined Arts Unit: Policy & Information Files, 1986-1996

ACGB/89: Arts Access Unit Files, 1987-1993

ACGB/90: Cultural Diversity Unit Files, 1987-1994

ACGB/91: Touring Dept: Contemporary Music Network Files, 1977-1990

ACGB/92: Touring Dept: Deputy Director's Files, 1981-1988

ACGB/93: Touring Dept: Performance Administration, 1969-1989

ACGB/94: Touring Dept: Marketing Leaflets, 1974-1990

ACGB/95: Touring Dept: Audience Development, 1984-1995

ACGB/96: Touring Dept: Theatre Touring Officer's Files, 1971-1987

ACGB/97: Touring Dept: Opera & Dance Files, 1970-1989

ACGB/98: Touring Dept: Early Touring Dept Files, 1961-1982

ACGB/99: Touring Dept: General Touring Drama Files, 1981-1987

ACGB/100: Touring Dept: Policy & Information Files, 1933-1996

ACGB/101: Touring Dept: Touring Marketing Files, 1974-1985

ACGB/102: Touring Dept: Individuals & Organisations, 1965-1995

ACGB/103: Regional Development Dept, 1950-1983

ACGB/104: Policy & Planning Unit: Women in Arts Files, 1982-1995

ACGB/105: National Arts & Media Strategy Unit: Discussion Documents, 1990-1992

ACGB/106: National Arts & Media Strategy Unit: Scheme Administration Files, 1988-1993

ACGB/107: Finance Dept: Housing the Arts, Planning Records, 1954-1985

ACGB/108: Policy & Planning Unit: Regional Arts Boards' Papers, 1991-1995

ACGB/109: Policy & Planning Unit: Regional Arts Boards Corporate Plans, 1991-1994

ACGB/110: Policy & Planning Unit: Local Government Reviews, 1991-1995

ACGB/111: Policy & Planning Unit: Regional Arts Associations Files, 1953-1991

ACGB/112: Policy & Planning Unit: Policy and Information Files, 1966-1996

ACGB/113: Policy & Planning Unit: Combined Arts, Community Arts and Art Centres, 1970-1986

ACGB/114: Education Unit: Institutions and Organisations, 1985-1991

ACGB/115: Policy & Planning Unit: Planning Director's Files, 1986-1989

ACGB/116: Education Unit: Policy & Information Files, 1976-1994

ACGB/117: Training Unit: Policy & Information Files, 1964-1995

ACGB/118: Policy & Planning Unit: Festival Files, 1971-1995

ACGB/119: Policy & Planning Unit: Festival & External Affairs Director's Files, 1965-1982

ACGB/120: Finance Dept: Housing the Arts, Administration Files, 1965-1985

ACGB/121: Hayward Gallery Material: Exhibition Files, 1945-1995

ACGB/122: Hayward Gallery Material: Gallery Files, 1970-1995

ACGB/123: Hayward Gallery Material: Aborted Exhibition Files, 1965-1986

ACGB/124: Hayward Gallery Material: Arts Council Collection Files, 1940-1996

ACGB/125: National Resouce Centre for Dance Material: Dance Dept Files, First Deposit, 1953-1985

ACGB/126: National Resouce Centre for Dance Material: Dance Dept Files, Second Deposit, 1964-1988

ACGB/127: National Resouce Centre for Dance Material: Dance Dept Files, Third Deposit, 1979-1989

ACGB/128: National Resource Centre for Dance Material: Dance Dept Files, Fourth Deposit, 1967-1989

ACGB/129: National Resource Centre for Dance Material: Dance Dept Files, Fifth Deposit, 1971-1990

EL1: CEMA: Minutes and Papers, 1939-1945

EL2: CEMA: Correspondence, General, 1939-1960

EL3: CEMA: Correspondence, Regional, 1942-1956

EL4: ACGB: Minutes and Papers, 1942-1985

EL5: Secretariat: Correspondence, 1945-1961

EL6: Festival of Britain Files, 1946-1957