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20th-century designers (UK and Ireland) reading list


Arnold, J. A Handbook of Costume. London, 1973
Beaton, C. The Glass of Fashion. London, 1954
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Irish fashion

McCrum, E. Fabric & Form: Irish Fashion Since 1950. Gloucestershire, 1996
O'Byrne, R. After a Fashion: A History Of The Irish Fashion Industry. Dublin, 1995


Amies, H. The Englishman's Suit: A Personal View. London, 1994
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Specific designers:

Hardy Amies

Amies, H. Just So Far. London, 1954
Amies, H. Still Here: An Autobiography. London, 1984
Edwards, A. The Queen's Clothes. London, 1977

Laura Ashley

Sebba, A. Laura Ashley: A Life By Design. London, 1990

Antonio Berardi

Blanchard, T. Antonio Berardi: Sex and Sensibility. London, 1999


Howard, D. In Biba. London, 2004
Hulanicki, B. From A to Biba. London, 1983
Turner, A. The Biba Experience. Suffolk, 2004
Tyne & Wear Museums. Biba, the Lifestyle, the Look, the Label. Tyne & Wear, 1993

Manolo Blahnik

Blahnik, M. and Boman, E. Blahnik by Boman. London, 2005
McDowell, C. Manolo Blahnik. London, 2003
Wintour, A et al. Manolo Blahnik: Drawings. London, 2003


King, P. The Burberry Book. London 2000

Hussein Chalayan

Chalayan, H., Evans, C. and Menkes, S. Hussein Chalayan. Rotterdam, 2005

Ossie Clark

Clark, O. & Rous, H. (ed.) The Ossie Clark Diaries. London, 1998
Watt, J. Ossie Clark, 1965-1974. London, 2003

Patrick Cox

Doe, T. Patrick Cox: Wit, Irony and Footwear. London, 1998

Charles Creed

Creed, C. Maid to Measure. London, 1961

The Emmanuels

Emanuel, D. & E. A Dress for Diana. London, 2006
Emmanuel, D.& E. Style for All Seasons. London, 1983

John Galliano

McDowell, C. Galliano. London, 2001

Bill Gibb

City of Aberdeen City Arts Department. Bill Gibb: A Tribute to the Fashion Designer of the 70s. Aberdeen, 1990

Norman Hartnell

Bath Museum of Costume and Brighton Museum. Norman Hartnell. Bath,1985
Edwards, A. The Queen's Clothes. London, 1977
Hartnell, N. Silver and Gold. London, 1955


Boydell, C.  Our Best Dresses. Preston, 2002
Boydell, C. 'Pat Albeck: Textile Designs for Horrockses Fashions Limited 1953-58', in Text: for the study of textile art design and history. Volume 29, 2001-2
Pedrick, G. The Story of Horrockses. Preston, 1950

Janey Ironside

Ironside, J. Janey. London, 1973

Charles James

Coleman, E A. The Genius of Charles James. California, 1982
De La Haye, A., Taylor, L. & Thompson, E. A Family of Fashion: The Messels: Six Generations of Dress. London, 2005
Martin, R. Charles. James (A Fashion Memoir). London, 2004

Bernat Klein

Klein, B. Eye for Colour. London, 1965
Klein, B. and Jackson, L. Bernat Klein, Textile Designer, Artist, Colourist. Roxburgshire, 2005


Etherington-Smith, M. & Pilcher, J. The It Girls. Canada, 1987
Gordon, Lady Duff. Discretions and Indiscretions. London, 1932

Alexander McQueen

Green, A. Alexander McQueen. London, 2006

Jean Muir

Leeds City Art Galleries. Jean Muir. Leeds,1980
Stemp, S. Jean Muir: Beyond Fashion. London, 2006

Bruce Oldfield

Oldfield, B & Howell, G. Bruce Oldfield's Seasons. London, 1987

Mary Quant

The London Museum. Mary Quant's London. London, 1973
Quant, M. Quant by Quant. London, 1965

Red or Dead

Kingswell, T. Red Or Dead: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. London, 1998

Zandra Rhodes

Oriel Gallery. Zandra Rhodes. Cardiff, 1978
O'Connor, K. The Fashion Guide 1976 (interview with Zandra Rhodes). London, 1976
Rhodes, Z. A Lifelong Love Affair With Textiles. London, 2006
Rhodes, Z. and Knight, A. The Art of Zandra Rhodes. London, 1984

Helen Storey

Storey, H. Fighting Fashion. London, 1997

Ian Thomas

Edwards, A. The Queen's Clothes. London, 1977

Georgina von Etzdorf

Yusuf, N. Georgina von Etzdorf: Sensuality, Art and Fabric. London,  1998

Catherine Walker

De la Haye, A. Catherine Walker: Twenty Five Years of British Couture, 1977-2002. London, 2002

Vivienne Westwood

Colby, N. Vivienne Westwood: A London Fashion. London, 2003
Connolly, S. Creative Lives: Vivienne Westwood. Oxford, 2002
McDermott, C. Vivienne Westwood: a Monograph.  London, 1999
Molyneux, M. Vivienne Westwood. London, 1997
Mulvagh, J. Vivienne Westwood. London, 1998
Vermorel, F. Vivienne Westwood: Fashion, Perversity, and the Sixties Laid Bare. New York, 1996
Westwood, V. Fashion Rebel. London, 1995
Wilcox, C. and Westwood, V. Vivienne Westwood. London, 2005


Yuki (Gnyuki Torimaru). Yuki. Cambridge, 1998

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