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     Rio Occupation Residency. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Rio Occupation Residency. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

What we are

We are a collective of young art and design enthusiasts, interested in museums and culture, aged 16-24, working in collaboration with the V&A. Coming from diverse backgrounds and with a range of interests and skills, we aim to open up the Museum and its collections to other young people in exciting and interactive ways. We are committed to CreateVoice, meeting regularly to share ideas, engage in dynamic creative projects, discussions and debates, plan future events and participate in workshops. Once we reach the age of 25, we become CreateVoice fellows and have opportunities to show our own work and attend events.

What we do

Work with the rest of CreateVoice and professionals within the Museum to develop ideas on topics related to the V&A’s planning and future and put forward suggestions to open up the museum for more young people.

Create opportunities for young people to meet professionals working in the creative industries.

Curate CreateVoice public evening events in the Museum.

Lead CreateTours of exhibitions and galleries in the Museum.

Write articles, reviews of exhibitions and events, conduct interviews take photographs and make films, published on the CreateVoice blog.

Produce trails, films and other resources for young people.

Take part in workshops and projects with artists, designers, makers and curators and discuss our own work.

Research and discuss the Museum's collection and exhibitions, and visit other museums and cultural organisations.

Organise CreateConferences, an international platform for young people and professionals to debate, critique and showcase ideas, knowledge and skills pertinent to art, design, performance and their place in the wider world.

These include panel discussions, talks and site visits. They are preceded by opportunities for members of CreateVoice to actively develop dialogue around the topic through discussions via video conferencing, blogging and meetings.

Get involved in other Create! programmes and V&A projects.

Visit the CreateVoice blog find out more about us, read our articles and see what we're up to at the moment.

For information about upcoming CreateVoice meetings, visit our Create! Young People's Events Calendar

How to join

Email: create@vam.ac.uk to find out how to get involved

CreateTours: Fashion Gallery. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

CreateTours: Fashion Gallery. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London


CreateTours are tours of V&A galleries and exhibitions led by us.

CreateVoice members have the opportunity to meet a curator to discuss ideas, research and receive feedback and then to research, prepare and present a 20 minute talk.

CreateTours are free and are programmed for a non-specialist audience interested in hearing a new perspective on the Museum's collection based on young people's ideas. They are an opportunity for us to develop critical thinking and knowledge about the Museum's collections and to enhance our presentation and communication skills.

'The gallery talk was such a special experience. I gained an insight into photography that I did not have before and I really enjoyed sharing some of the stories and ideas that were part of the display. The experience has definitely spurred me to continue exploring photography and even museum work as a career.' (Rajai, CreateVoice member)

If you would like to lead a tour for a group of young people, email: create@vam.ac.uk

'Really good - it's great to hear the opinion of young people.'

'It gives a different perspective on the exhibition.'

'The talk was really inspirational. I really liked the way he conveyed his enthusiasm for the subject.'

If you would like to book a tour led by members of CreateVoice, email: create@vam.ac.uk

For information about upcoming CreateTours, visit our Create! Young People's Events Calendar

CreateVoice past projects

From planning large evening events at the V&A, to participating in videoconference sessions with young people across the world, CreateVoice members have been involved in many projects.

Fashion Styles for the Famous. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Fashion Styles for the Famous. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Fashion Styles for the Famous (part of Friday Late and the Bowie Weekender)

26 & 27 April 2013
Members of CreateVoice and fashion designer Jane Bowler took part in Friday Late and Bowie Weekender activities in creating fashion styles for the famous. Using inspiration from the various Bowie personas and other celebrities, visitors designed the ultimate look for their favourite music icon. Jane Bowler’s collections are regularly borrowed by the likes of Rita Ora, Azealia Banks and Jessie J.

CreateVoice presents… Game Changers

8 March 2013
Together with guest artists and designers, CreateVoice hosted a large scale evening event of workshops, installations and talks, looking at where Sport, Design and Culture collide.

Find out more information about Game Changers

Dialogue Café

January-March 2013
CreateVoice and Dialogue Cafe organised two video conference sessions with other young people’s groups based in Paris, Cleveland, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, to present and discuss topics revolving around the major theme 'Design, Culture and… Sports'. Dialogues triggered discussion around topics like 'Representation of the body: sports and body branding, creating stereotypes and lifestyles' and 'Design, sports and technology, social changes, urban regeneration'.

The research prepared by the young people and the debate during the sessions built up ideas that were presented during the evening of events, Game Changers (8 March 2013). 

The project connected students and young members of museums from different backgrounds, promoted knowledge and experience sharing and discussion of innovative ideas.

Dialogue Cafe video conference session - February 2013

Dialogue Cafe video conference session - March 2013

Ceramics in the city: Collective action for a new perspective - Workshop with V&A Ceramics Resident Keith Harrison

February 2013
Working with Keith Harrison, Ceramics Resident at the V&A, CreateVoice members used drawing as a starting point and then made models and built temporary structures in the Museum, creating new access points and discovering new perspectives in the galleries.

Find out more information about Ceramics in the City: Collective action for a new perspective

Fashion Festival

8 December 2012
V&A’s Fashion Festival has been devised by young people for young people. Members of CreateVoice helped shape the programme and supported its delivery on the day.

Find out more information about Fashion festival

CreateVoice presents…Creativity in the City

November 2012
For two months, members of CreateVoice invited artists and designers based north of the borough to explore how London is used as a place of inspiration and what is it like to work and set up as a designer in the city.  
Members worked with the artists and designers to learn new skills, develop work and prepare workshops to deliver in a large scale evening of events, installations and talks held at the V&A.

Find out more information about CreateVoice presents...Creativity in the City 

CreateLate…Graphics. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

CreateLate…Graphics. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London


July 2012
BA Graphic Design students from Camberwell College of Arts were invited by CreateVoice to choose one item from the Museum’s collection and produce a piece of interactive communication in response to it. Works were exhibited at the V&A and the public was invited to interact and engage with these works.

CreateVoice Museum Trail

The Learning Department commissioned CreateVoice members to design a new Museum objects trail for young people.

Download the CreateVoice Museum Trail (PDF file, 2.9 MB)

Game on @ the V&A

We commissioned and worked on this promotional video of the V&A for other young people. It was made by a young creative collective called the Day Dreamers who worked with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Media Prospects group to produce it. We invited Dame Vivienne Westwood to take part.

Watch GameOn@the V&A

A gift in your will

You may not have thought of including a gift to a museum in your will, but the V&A is a charity and legacies form an important source of funding for our work. It is not just the great collectors and the wealthy who leave legacies to the V&A. Legacies of all sizes, large and small, make a real difference to what we can do and your support can help ensure that future generations enjoy the V&A as much as you have.