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Below is a selection of recommended titles covering a range of more general reading about China.

Birrell, Anne, Chinese Mythology: An Introduction Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London, 1993. ISBN. 0-8018-4595-5

Chen, Kenneth K.S, Buddhism in China, a Historical Survey. Princeton University Press, Princeton, l972. ISBN. 0-691-0001-8

Cheng, Manchao, The Origin of Chinese Deities Foreign Language Press, Beijing, 1995. ISBN. 7-119-00030-6

Clunas, Craig, Art in China. Oxford History of Art, 1997. ISBN. 9780192 842077

Clunas, Craig, Fruitful Site: Garden Culture in Ming China. Reaktion Books, 1996. SBN. 0-948462 88 4

Eberhard, Wolfram, A Dictionary of Chinese Symbols. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986. ISBN. 0-7102-0191-5

Ebrey, P, The Cambridge Illustrated History of China. Cambridge University Press, 1996. ISBN. 0-521-43519-6

Fong, Wen C. (ed), Possessing the Past. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, & the National Palace Museum, Taipei, 1996. Exhibition of Treasures from the old imperial collection, with informative essays. ISBN. 0-87099-765-3

Hommel, Rudolf, China at Work. M.I.T. Press Cambridge, Mass., reprint 1979. The author lived in China during the 1920s and recorded traditional craft technology. ISBN. 262-08035-4

Hucker, Charles, China's Imperial Past.  Duckworth, London, 1980. The best one-volume history of traditional China.

Kerr, Rose (ed), Chinese Art and Design - The T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art. V&A, London, 1991. ISBN. 1-85177-017 8

Little, Stephen (ed), Taoism and the Arts of China. Art Institute of Chicago, 2000. ISBN. 0-520-22785-9

Loewe, M & Shaughnessy, E, The Cambridge History of Ancient China. Cambridge, 1999. ISBN. 0 521 47030 7

Needham, Joseph, Science and Civilisation in China. Cambridge University Press/OUP, 1954. Series of volumes on all aspects of Chinese science and technology starting in 1954. ISBN. 0 521 05799 X

Rawson, Jessica (ed), The British Museum Book of Chinese Art. London, 1992.

Rawson, Jessica, Mysteries of Ancient China. British Museum Publishing, 1996. New discoveries from the early dynasties. ISBN. 0 7141 1472 3

Sickman, Laurence & Soper, Alexander, The Art and Architecture of China. Penguin Books, London, 1971. Good on architecture but ignores all art forms except painting and sculpture.

Spence, Jonathan, The Search for Modern China. Hutchinson, London, 1990. ISBN. 0 09 174472 5

Watson, William, The Genius of China. An Exhibition of Archaeological Finds of the People's Republic of China. The Royal Academy, London, 1973

Whitfield, Susan (ed), The Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith. The British Library, London, 2004. ISBN. 0-7123-4854-9

Zou, Zongxu, The Land Within the Passes: A History of Xian. Viking, Penguin Group, 1991 Lavishly illustrated guide to one of China's most important areas historically. ISBN. 0-670-82391-0

Zwalf, W. (ed) Buddhism, Art and Faith. British Museum Publications, 1985. ISBN. 0-7141-1432-4

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