Digital Design Residency: The T/Shirt Issue

April – October 2014

In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut London

‘Muybridge Pt.2’ inspired by Eadward Muybridge's photography of movement, © The T/Shirt Issue

‘Muybridge Pt.2’ inspired by Eadward Muybridge's photography of movement, © The T/Shirt Issue

The Goethe-Institut and the V&A set out to find a German-based digital design resident, who uses technology such as CAD, rapid prototyping and 3D rendering, to come to London and look at our collections in a new and exciting way. The T/Shirt Issue is an interdisciplinary design collective from Berlin, consisting of Murat Kocyigit, Hande Akcayli and Rozi Rexhepi, whose practice combines fashion, design and technology to create work ranging from wearable garments to conceptual installations.

Murat completed his Industrial Design studies at the HfbK Hamburg and the UdK Berlin and during this time he and Hande founded the award-winning product label ‘Mashallah’. Hande studied at the Moscow School of Art and at the University of Marmara in Istanbul. Throughout her studies in experimental fashion design at the UdK Berlin, Hande’s focus was drawn to the philosophical and technical sides of aesthetics. Combining their fields of interest, they decided to explore the possibilities of digital pattern construction in 2008. Rozi, an MBA from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, joined the team a year later to further bridge the polarized fields.

The collective are interested in alternative pattern constructing methods. They experiment with digital tools to modify patterns and use software from other disciplines to create pieces that aesthetically reveal their technological background. Their goal is to interweave these methods and pattern construction so that their work, and their silhouettes, breathes technology in a natural way.

The underlying concept of their work is to express a thought, a moment, a value or a fascination by translating technological evolutions into the aesthetics of a garment, turning them into narrative sculptures. Recently they have developed a new digital environment that allows for the reconstruction of clothing from the core up to any degree of complexity. With this approach they have established a dimension in which 2D, 3D and the space in between is reconsidered and experimented with. Using the triangular polygon as a basic unit of digital substance and sculptural form, their mission is the digital reconstruction and documentation of the world around us.

3D scan of Rozi, Hande and Murat (L-R), © The T/Shirt Issue

3D scan of Rozi, Hande and Murat (L-R), © The T/Shirt Issue

The T/Shirt Issue has gained international acclaim for exposing pattern construction to the digital realm, thereby breaking with conventional techniques for good. Their work is exhibited and published worldwide, enjoying shows at the Museum of Arts and Design (New York), MU (Eindhoven), Laguna Art Museum (Los Angeles) and Marta Herford Museum (Herford).

Influences in current practice

Our conceptual work has grown in conjunction with the development of our digital environment. Combining CAD/CAM, 3D and animation software in different measures gives us the freedom to scan, sculpt and share objects in continuous new ways. With an eye on the open source culture, we like treating our work as plain digital data that can easily be stored, shared and altered by us and the public and ultimately forms the basis of our digital reconstruction of the world. We're moving towards the democratization of this data, so that everyone can influence its course.

Our residency

Patterns for the work ‘Melt’, © The T/Shirt Issue

Patterns for the work ‘Melt’, © The T/Shirt Issue

Working with the V&A collections offers us the opportunity to look at the world's immense cultural history from a meta-perspective. We are keen on exploring and creating a digital mirror world of a selection of the V&A's permanent collection.

The main goal is to reshape existing cultural history and insert historic events by 3D scanning objects and figurines and turning them into new pieces. As soon as they become digital files, they're open for experimenting; not only their shape and texture can be recreated but all their attributes can be altered. From here, any 'what if' scenario can be implemented and we can theoretically travel back in time to enter new ideas of both the public and our own.

We will create an online digital archive of the most inspiring works, which we can freely play with before they're translated into new paper and sewing patterns. The digital archive will be open to the pubic during the residency and after, serving as documentation of our collective work.

There are regular opportunities to meet The T/Shirt Issue at the Museum and learn more about their work. Please check the Residency Events & Activities page for more details.

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Event - Dream-Land, by The T/Shirt Issue

Sat 13 September 2014–Sun 21 September 2014

DISPLAY: The T/Shirt Issue, a collective based in Berlin, have been in residence in the Museum for six months as part of a German design residency in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut London.

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