Friday Late

The original contemporary late night event

An ever-changing, curated programme of live performances, cutting-edge fashion, film, installations, debates, special guests and DJs, with bars, food, and late-night exhibition openings.

Held on the last Friday in every month (except December) from 18.30 - 22.00.

Friday Late is free and drop in. All events are available on a first come, first served basis.

All visitors to Friday Late should use the main entrance on Cromwell Road. Please note that if the event reaches capacity, we will operate on a one-in-one-out basis. If you are a V&A Member, corporate member or hold a ticket to an exhibition please use the Exhibition Road entrance.


Collections of Collections

Friday 31 October 18.30 – 22.00

From art works to ice-cream wrappers, from vinyl records to blog posts and tweets, what do our personal collections say about us? Join us as we investigate and celebrate with an evening of curios, accumulation and curation. Discover our relationships with objects and delve into what we collect and why this activity has one-in-three in Europe and North America hooked.

All events are free and places are designated on a first come, first served basis, unless stated otherwise. Filming and photography will be taking place at this event.

Please note, if the Museum reaches capacity we will allow access on a one-in, one-out basis.


Friday Late: Collection of Collections

ALL EVENING (18.30 – 22.00)

Victoria & Amazon

Spotlight Space, Grand Entrance
Every minute, Darius Kazemi’s Victoria & Amazon fi nds a random item from the V&A collection of design objects and then searches for its closest approximation. The result is an ever-changing diptych of an important design object from the history of the world alongside an everyday modern consumer item.


Grand Entrance
In their performance ‘Biters’, Larry Achiampong and David Blandy share sounds from their connected audible heritage. Acknowledging their debt to hip-hop culture and its relationship with art and appropriation, the artists assemble already-sampled beats and stolen rhymes, exploring what identity means in the post-colonial and post mass-media age. There will be a performance at 20.45.

Creative Process

Gallery 40, Fashion Gallery
A tool designed for the creative process, Curator App lets you curate your own collection from the fi rst fragment of an idea to the fi nal presentation. Come and see how those working in the fi elds of food, design, typography and tattoo art use the app to curate their own collections. Collect websites, notes and images then become a curator yourself.

Museum of Imaginative Knowledge

Norfolk House Music Room, British
Dr James Lattin presents his Museum of Imaginative Knowledge, which specialises in objects and information which cannot be found in more authoritative museums. Discover artefacts such as the world’s largest one pence piece collection, the history of a local lay-by and a pair of royal boxer shorts found in the dilapidated county house, Judley Hall. Dr Lattin will be providing short tours at 19.30 and 20.30.

The Museum of Important Shit

Rooms 21a
We all accumulate things, humble signifi ers of huge signifi cance. Partner project to artists’ Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s film about Nick Cave, 20,000 Days on Earth, this virtual Museum collects the things that remind us of transformative moments that make us who we are, unlocking the stories connected to them. Film4 Executive Producer Anna Higgs will discuss making this ambitious digital artwork.
The talk will begin at 19.30.

Marble Pixel

Room 22
Using close-ups of sculptures as inspiration, Alex Marie photographs the surfaces of objects and reverts them into an installation of giant pixels.
Tweet her using #vamzoom with your close-ups of sculptures.

Game Boy Selfies

(Bottom of staircase L)
Romi Nicole Schneider collects the forgotten selfi es of the Game Boy Camera. Prefi guring the age of Instagram, this abandoned technology from the late 1990s holds hidden snaps taken years ago. View Romi’s found collections and make your own Game Boy selfi e to take away with you.

Curatorial Collections!

(access via staircase L)
Curators don’t just care for the collections of the museum, they also have their own. Meet V&A staff and take the opportunity to discuss with them their personal collections including Spice Girls memorabilia, Victorian Carte-de-Visites, Japanese Gothic Lolita dresses and more…

Saving our Throwaway History

National Art Library
(access via staircase L)
Join Robert Opie as he unwraps a 50 year journey – from his first pack of Munchies to the V&A exhibition ‘The Pack Age’ in 1975, and through the establishment of the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in 1984. With excerpts from a new two-hour documentary, discover Robert’s collections of health foods and hair pomade, to Horlicks and tonight…Halloween.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hoarding (But Were Afraid to Ask)

National Art Library
(access via staircase L)
How do people deal with the everyday clutter that builds up in their living space? How do we wrest meaning from the universe of things that surrounds us? Join anthropologist Fabio Gygi as he discusses hoarding from its beginnings as Diogenes syndrome to its officially recognised status as obsessive-compulsive disorder and the forms it takes in different cultural settings. Hear about his fieldwork in Tokyo, where he helped people clean their houses as a form of participant observation and what he has learnt from interviewing hoarders, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

Please note coats and bags are not permitted in the Library. Please leave these items in the cloakroom on the ground floor.

Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre

(access via staircase L)
19.00 & 20.30 (70 mins)
While normally viewed alone on a computer screen, the internet’s favourite cat videos are tonight brought together for a collective experience of feline-favorites. From surprised kitten to keyboard cat. Come and enjoy one of the most popular online phenomena ever!
The Internet Cat Video Festival is produced and curated by the Walker Art Center.

A Stitch in Time

John Madejski Garden
19.00 & 20.30
For A Stitch in Time, Michael Pinsky has recreated a range of textile patterns drawing upon Chengdu’s highly celebrated Sichuan Museum, and the mass-produced textiles found in its market stalls. Each textile pattern takes the form of a tile; come negotiate and assemble them to create a new work that will
take shape amongst the V&A’s collections.

Adventures in Stationery

Seminar Room 3
(access via staircase L)
Chewed Cristal Bics, bent paper clips, rubber bands for pinging and blunt pencils are integral parts of our everyday environment. But what stories do they tell us? James Ward, stationery collector and founder of the Boring Conference, will be reading from his recent book Adventures in Stationery, followed by a show-and-tell from his personal collection. Bring along your own stationery to join in the discussion!

Endless City

Gallery 50 b
Endless City is an architectural installation based upon a scaled city model that investigates the relationship between forms of display, collections and the city. Come and make your own display systems that form a new endless city of collections, discovering the interior spaces of museums and their collections as vestiges of civic space, urban change and identity in the process.

Programme Cover Design

Souvenir programme wrap designed by graphic designer Lucy Vigrass of Peepshow Collective

Food & Drink

Drinks are available in the Grand Entrance throughout the evening, and in the John Madejski Garden (weather permitting).
Food and drinks will be served in the Cafe until 21.00.

About Friday Late

Friday Late began in 1999, establishing the much-copied format for London cultural centres' evening events. The programme celebrates all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design in society, bringing audiences face-to-face with both leading and emerging artists and designers. By providing a platform through which to test ideas and challenge convention, Friday Late aims to inspire and provoke, whilst encouraging audiences to interact with the Museum’s collections in new ways.


Behind the Scenes at Friday Late 'Sound It Out'

Friday Late ‘Sound It Out’: Boiler Room Reflections

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