Friday Late

The original contemporary late night event

An ever-changing, curated programme of live performances, cutting-edge fashion, film, installations, debates, special guests and DJs, with bars, food, and late-night exhibition openings.

Held on the last Friday in every month (except December) from 18.30 - 22.00.

Friday Late is free and drop in. All events are available on a first come, first served basis.

All visitors to Friday Late should use the main entrance on Cromwell Road. Please note that if the event reaches capacity, we will operate on a one-in-one-out basis. If you are a V&A Member, corporate member or hold a ticket to an exhibition please use the Exhibition Road entrance.

Exhibition Tickets are available from the Exhibition Ticket Desks. Tickets are subject to availability, and no booking fee applies. Please note tills close at 20.30.

Crowdfunding: Produced by the People

Friday 30 January

Crowdfunding is a phenomenon that has changed the landscape of design production and dissemination, allowing the most unexpected projects and products to become a reality.

January’s Friday Late celebrates the culture of the sharing economy, fuelled by viral internet campaigns and self-motivated individuals pooling their resources on platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdfunder.

Meet the entrepreneurs behind urban projects, technological widgets and subversive performances, learn how to crowdfund your own project and experience the museum as it’s transformed into a marketplace of creative start-ups.

All events are free and places are designated on a first come, first served basis, unless stated otherwise. Filming and photography will be taking place at this event.

Please note, if the Museum reaches capacity we will allow access on a one-in, one-out basis.


Friday Late. Crowdfunding: Produced by the People

Wyrd Out Festival

Grand Entrance
Wyrd Out is London’s first crowdfunded musical festival. As a preview to their weekend festival this summer, Wyrd Out are programming the music for this evening. Funded by Kickstarter, the more tickets that get sold, the more artists are booked and the bigger the festival becomes. Wyrd Out DJs will play throughout the evening and there will be a performance from Elizabeth; The solo project of Andy Abbott at 20.45.

Blaze Laserlight

Spotlight Space, Grand Entrance
By projecting a bike symbol six metres in front of you, the Blaze Laserlight has all angles covered. Crowdfunded via Kickstarter in 2013 with more than 700 backers, the product was designed to let cyclists be seen in situations where they are otherwise near-invisible. Hear the creators of Blaze Laserlight describe the evolution of their campaign in the National Art Library at 20.30.

Zombies, Run!

Room 48a
18.45, 19.45 &20.45
Can you walk, jog, or run? We need you to preserve the human race from the zombie apocalypse! Join us for the top crowdfunded videogame of 2011: Zombies, Run! - an audio adventure and running game with over a million players worldwide. We need your help to keep the last humans alive for a few more precious hours!

The Cornershop Experience

Gallery 40
In August 2014, a small corner of East London was taken over by a felt cornershop that went on to receive worldwide press and attracted over 12,000 visitors. The installation was crowd-funded internationally by 361 donations on Kickstarter. See items from the shop and hear from artist Lucy Sparrow. The talk will begin at 20.15

Peek Retina

Gallery 64b
18.45., 19.30, 20.15. & 21.00
Peek is a low-cost smartphone system enabling professional eye examinations anywhere in the world. Raising over £110k with an Indiegogo campaign to support the manufacture of PeekRetina, the ophthalmoscope adapter that turns any mobile phone into a retinal camera. Stewart Jordan will go through lessons learned and give you the chance to examine some retinas.


Tapestries, Room 94
Come and play Joust, a no-graphics, digitally-enabled game designed for motion controllers and part of the Sportsfriends game series. Try to jostle your opponents’ controllers while protecting your own, all in the grand surrounding of our Tapestry Galleries.


A game made up of 16 concrete prisms, Logifaces can be arranged in millions of variations, allowing you to find endless patterns in its computer-generated forms. Inspired by 3D modelling and created by architects, the game uses tilted triangles as puzzle pieces. Come and play in teams or alone to create your geometric masterpiece. Meet the designers, hear about the design of the game and their crowd funding experience.

Making Issue Two: Crowdfunding and Independent Publishing

National Art Library
As the internet has thrown publishing's traditional financial, advertising and distribution models into question, crowd funding has been responsible for a resurgence of independent publishing. But what happens after a new magazine is launched with help from the crowd? The Dirty Furniture team chairs a discussion about the sustainability of independent publishing with the editors of some of today's most exciting magazines.

Please note coats and bags are not permitted in the Library. Please leave these items in the cloakroom.

Gravity Light

Room 25
Gravity Light received funding from over 6000 people on Indiegogo in 2013. Designed to replace kerosene lighting, GravityLight™ is an innovative device that generates light from gravity.  It takes just three seconds to lift the weight that powers GravityLight creating twenty-five minutes of light on its descent. Its secret is the absence of batteries. Come test it out for yourself.


Lydia and Manfred Gorvey Lecture Theatre
We all know about crowd funded products and apps, but what about a bridge? The Luchtsingel is a 390 metre pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam built out of 17,000 timber planks each ‘sponsored’ by local residents and entrepreneurs. Each donor has their name carved into a plank, turning the bridge into a giant index of its supporters. Creators ZUS Architects will present the project.

Beyond Clueless

Lydia and Manfred Gorvey Lecture Theatre
18.30 (89 mins)
Made possible by more than 500 Kickstarter backers, Beyond Clueless is a dizzying journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie, as seen through the eyes of over 200 modern coming-of-age classics. Part adolescent fever dream, part roving visual essay, the film puts Hollywood’s high school under the microscope, on a quest to lay bare the genre’s beating heart. Narrated by Fairuza Balk and featuring an original score by pop duo Summer Camp.

Food & Drink

Drinks are available in the Grand Entrance throughout the evening and in the John Madejski Garden (weather permitting).

Food and drinks will be served in the Café until 21.00.


V&A presents Friday Late
Friday 27 February

Queer and Now

From the fringes of the underground to the drag divas taking over the mainstream, this is a world where pretty much anything can be 'queered'. Join us as we turn a queer eye on the Museum; challenging traditional gender roles and exploring the diverse worlds of alternative history, art, design, performance and politics.
As the spectrum of gender and sexual identities continues to grow, can ‘queer’ provide inclusive freedoms beyond the boundaries of exacting terminology? LGBTTQQIIAA+ …. Whatever your letter, come and experience the vanguard of cabaret, queer theory, and clubland.

About Friday Late

Friday Late began in 1999, establishing the much-copied format for London cultural centres' evening events. The programme celebrates all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design in society, bringing audiences face-to-face with both leading and emerging artists and designers. By providing a platform through which to test ideas and challenge convention, Friday Late aims to inspire and provoke, whilst encouraging audiences to interact with the Museum’s collections in new ways.


Behind the Scenes at Friday Late 'Sound It Out'

Friday Late ‘Sound It Out’: Boiler Room Reflections

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