Japanese Art & Design Themes

Motifs & symbols: natural features

The natural world - mountains, clouds, rivers, the sea - are often depicted in Japanese art. Clouds represent elegance and high status. In Buddhism, clouds signify the ‘Western Paradise’ beyond earth; and in Shintoism, the spirits of the dead. Mountains represent the unyielding, or unmoving. Water, or waves, signify power and resilience. Waves constantly ebb and flow and so symbolize great tactical ability.

Motifs & symbols: plants & flowers

Images used to decorate Japanese artefacts are often wonderfully simple and effective communicators of meaning. The images are usually not meant to be realistic, and may not even be in lifelike colours: flowers may be reduced to bare essentials, maybe as little as five petal shapes joined to a central circle.

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Event - From Rococo to Art Nouveau: 1720-1900. 14/15

Thu 25 September 2014–Thu 09 July 2015

YEAR COURSE: Gain a unique perspective on one of the most dynamic periods in the history of European art. Consider the relationship between the visual arts and
the wider political and cultural context of the period and explore themes such as taste, patronage and the art market.

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