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A FREE game from BAFTA-winning games designer Sophia George

Sophia George with her game Strawberry Thief, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Strawberry Thief is a playful celebration of the work of Victorian designer William Morris. Journey through this iconic pattern and bring his work to life.

  • Uncover the famous Arts and Crafts design by drawing on your screen with your finger
  • Watch your iPad transform from blank paper to an animated masterpiece
  • Listen to a beautiful soundtrack by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, which builds and changes as you reveal the pattern

Download: Strawberry Thief Free iPad Game

Strawberry Thief was created as a result of the first games design residency at the V&A, in partnership with Abertay University and V&A Dundee.

Games designer Sophia George used the history of British design shown in the Britain 1500-1900 galleries as a starting point for her research.

Still from Sophia George's game Strawberry Thief, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Sophia George:

'In the game, you have to use the Strawberry Thief bird to collect strawberries which enable you to paint. First you start with a blank piece of paper where you sketch the pattern. Once the pattern is drawn out, you can start to add some basic colours to the piece. Finally, richer colours and texture are added to finish the design. To control the bird’s movement, you simply draw lines on the touchscreen and the bird will follow your path.

I wanted to create something where the user gets to experience the details and beauty of the original pattern. Sometimes when we look at pieces of art and design, we often just focus on the work as a whole, and this is especially true when looking at repeating patterns! Therefore when the game starts, the pattern is zoomed in so that every flower and leaf is visible, and when the game is finished, it is shown in its entirety. This project at the V&A has opened my eyes up to the possibilities of what games design can show. I am keen to look at more work by other famous British artists and designers and see what kinds of games can arise!'

Introducing Strawberry Thief by Games Designer Sophia George 

Download: Strawberry Thief Free iPad Game

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