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Tailoring reading list

A brief booklist

Secondary sources

Arnold, J. Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women 1560-1620. London, 1985/87

Davis, R. I. Men's Garments 1830-1900: A Guide to Pattern Cutting. London, 1989

Gieve, D.W. Gieves & Hawkes: 1785-1985 The Story of a Tradition. Portsmouth, 1985

Giorgetti, C. Brioni:  Fifty Years of Style. Florence, 1995

Howarth, S. Henry Poole:  Founders of Savile Row, The Making of a Legend. Honiton, 2003

Seligman, K. Cutting for All! The Sartorial Arts, Related Crafts, and the Commercial Paper Pattern: A Bibliographic Reference Guide for  Designers, Technicians, and Historian. Illinois, 1996

Walker, R. Saville Row:  An Illustrated History. New York, 1989

Waugh, N. The Cut of Men's Clothes: 1600-1914. London, 1964/87/94

Primary sources

Sixteenth century

de Alcega, J. Tailor's Pattern Book 1589. (Facsimile with translation by Pain, J. and Bainton, C., introduction by Nevinson, J. L.). London, 1979/1999

Seventeenth century

de Anduxar, M. Geometria y trazas pertinencientes al oficio de sastres. Madrid, 1640

Rocha, F. Geometrica y traca pertinencientes al oficio de James sastres. Valencia, 1618

Eighteenth century

Anon. The Taylor's Complete Guide; or a Comprehensive Analysis of Beauty and Elegance in Dress. London, 1796

Nineteenth century (first half)

Anon. The Art of Cutting on Scientific Principles, Being an Entirely New System of Rules ... by a Professor of Cutting. London, 1833

Cook & Golding. The Tailor's Assistant; or, Unerring Instructor: Containing an Analysis of the Art of Cutting, to Fit the Human Form With Ease and Elegance, Upon True Scientific Principles, or Geometric Proportions, Part I. London, 1815

Couts, J. A Practical Guide for the Tailor's Cutting- Room. Edinburgh, 1843

Hearn, W. The Tailor's Masterpiece; or the Art of Cutting All Kinds of Coats, etc… London, 1828

Moses, E. and Son. The Dressing Room Companion; or Guide to the Glass . London, 1848

Walker, G. The Tailor's Masterpiece; or, the Art of Cutting… London, 1835/38?

Wampe, H. F. (afterwards Wampen). Dr H W's Measures to Construct Models for Gentlemen's Dresses. London,1841

Williamson, R. A Theoretical and Practical Review of Dr W's System of Cutting, and How I Apply W's Principles in Daily Practice, Part I. London, 1898?

Wyatt, J. The Tailor's Friendly Instructor. London, 1822/1830/31

Nineteenth century (second half)

Anon. The 'Tailoring World' University and College Systems, Also the Celebrated Students' Guide Coat System Revised, and Disproportion, Together With the University Vest and Trousers Systems. London, c.1895

Anon. The Tailor's Hand-book of Cutting. London, 1956

Davies, J. F. J F Davies' direct Measure System of Practical Cutting and Fitting the Human Body With Certainty… London, c.1895

Giles, E. B. The History of the Art of Cutting in England. London, 1887

Holding, T. H. Coats: How to Cut and Try Them On. London, 1885

Holding, T. H. Trousers, Vests, Breeches and Gaiters. London, 1886

Langridge, A. The Premier System of Cutting Gentlemen's Garments. London, 1893

Thornton, J. P. The Sectional System of Gentlemen's Garment Cutting. London 1893

Vincent, W. D. F. The Cutter's Practical Guide (CPG) to Cutting Every Kind of Garment Made by Tailor's. London, 1890-95?

Twentieth century (first half)

Anon. The Tailor's Classical and Infallible Text Book of Cutting All Garments Worn by Men, Women and Children. London, c.1900

Legatt, W. E. and Hodgkinson, T. W. The 'Climax' System for Cutting Gentlemen's Garments. London, 1917

Simons, H. Designing Boys' and Juveniles' Clothing: A Complete and Reliable System for Drafting All Kinds of Garments. New York, 1922

Stanford, A. The Art of Measuring, For All Kinds of Tailor-Made Garments… London, 1933

Thornton, J. P. The International System of Garment Cutting, Including Coats, Trousers, Breeches and Vests. London, 1911

Vincent, W. D. F.  Souvenir of the Lecture on Recollections and Reflections on Some Exhibitions of Garments, Delivered Before the City of London Master and Foreman Tailors Society, on Oct 19th 1823. London, 1923

Vincent, W. D. F. The CPG to Cutting and Making Shirts, Undergarments, Collars, Cuffs, Aprons, and Specialité Clothing for Various Occupations. London, c.1910

Vincent, W. D. F. The Pocket Edition of the CPG to the Cutting of All Kinds of Gentlemen's Coats, Vests, Trousers, Breeches and Gaiters, Overcoats… London, 4th edition, c.1905

Vincent, W. D. F. Vincent's System of Cutting All Kinds of Tailor-made Garments. London, 1903

Whife, A. A. The Modern Tailor, Outfitter and Clothier. London, 4th edition, 1949

Twentieth century (second half)

Compaing, C. and Devere, L.  The Tailor's Guide; a Complete System of Cutting Every Kind of Garment to Measure. London

Morris, F. R. Pocket Edition of the CPG to the Cutting of All Styles of Men's Garments. London, 17th edition, 1954

Sytner, R. The Art of Fitting Gentlemen's Garments. London, 1955/1967

Whife, A. A. A First Course in Gentlemen's Garment Cutting. London, 1952

Whife, A. A. Cutting from Block Patterns; Gentlemen's Jackets, Waistcoats, Trousers, etc. London, 1960


The Macaroni and Theatrical Magazine, or, Monthly Register of the Fashions and Diversions of the Times. London, October 1772 - October 1774

Le Magazin du Monde Politique, Galant & Literaire, or, the Gentleman and Lady's Magazine. London, 1776

The Gentleman's Gazette; or, London Magazine of Fashion for January 1832. London, 1932

The Tailor's Friend. London, 1837

The Gazette of Fashion and Cutting Room Companion. London, 1846

The West-End Gazette of Gentlemen's Fashions. October 1861 - June 1862, republished July 1862

The Tailor and Cutter: A Trade Journal and Index of Fashion. London, 1866 - 1972

The Sartor or British Journal of Cutting, Clothing and Fashion. London, November 1870 - March 1873 

The London Tailor and Record of Fashion: a Practical Guide for Tailors and Costumiers. London, 1884-1894, continued as:
The London Tailor. London, 1895-1909, continued as:
London Tailor and Cutting. London, 1909-1913

The Tailor's Review. London and New York, January 1889 - June 1899

Tailoring, American Gentleman and Sartorial Art Journal. New York, 1901 - 1929

The Tailor and Cutter Year Book of Fashions & Tailor Reference Book. London, 1924

Men's Wear Yearbook and Diary. London, 1933

Tailor's and Outfitter's Diary for 1937. London, 1937

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