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The V&A is an international organisation with collections from around the globe. We are passionate and committed to protecting the world’s cultural heritage and supporting communities that suffer cultural loss, whether that be through criminal acts or natural disaster. We recognise that people suffer most when they are not only robbed of their present but also of their past.

The V&A is committed to bringing together everyone with a shared interest in protecting cultural heritage. Working together by sharing information, inspiring and supporting action and raising public awareness.

Current Projects

  • The V&A has started work on creating a V&A Culture in Crisis Charity. It is hoped that the charity will both raise public awareness and at the same time allow the public to directly support preservation and conservation efforts.
  • We are collaborating with the British Museum to create a European Museum Security Group. The group will consider strategic security issues and in particular look at innovative and safe ways for museums to assist in the protection of cultural heritage while at the same time ensuring the safety and security of visitors, staff and collections.
  • The V&A is supporting colleagues from Oxford University and the Ashmolean Museum to deliver a conference to examine in more detail the reasons behind recent acts of iconoclasm and to seek new ways of preventing or reducing further destruction. Details to follow.
  • The Museum is working closely to support law-enforcement, nationally and internationally, and the British Armed forces to develop strategies to prevent the illicit trade of cultural goods.
  • With our partners at the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage at Yale University we are considering the value of a second Culture in Crisis Conference this time held closer to the region most affected at this time, to encourage the participation of a wider International group.
    Read more about the first Culture in Crisis Conference, held at the V&A in April 2015
  • The V&A has offered to establish a National Research and Coordination Team to assist the UK in analysing intelligence and coordinating support efforts. We await a funding decision on this proposal.
  • The V&A has entered into discussion with business leaders to develop long-term strategies to assist in rebuild and protect cultural heritage assets in a number of countries.

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