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V&A Magazine: Spring 2016

Published three times a year, V&A Magazine covers all aspects of the visual arts - architecture, design, craft, photography, fashion and fine art - taking the V&A's exhibition and display programme as its starting point.

V&A Magazine aims to be as accessible, intelligent, entertaining and visually appealing as the museum itself. It is available either as part of the V&A's membership package or on subscription.

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Inside the Spring 2016 issue

Issue 39:

  • Hedi Slimane offers a personal written and photographic tribute to David Bowie
  • Brian Dillon seeks to uncover the process by which Botticelli’s work has come to attract so many different forms of interpretation and appropriation
  • Emily King focuses on design, film and commercial photography in considering the ways Botticelli’s ideas have migrated from the original works
  • Ana Debenedetti returns to the source material, explaining who Botticelli was, his attitude to making art and the nature of his practice
  • Colin McDowell begins with pragmatism and hygiene and ends with sex and psychology in his assessment of the evolution of underwear for women and men
  • Mr Pearl provides an eye-opening insight into the way a corset comes into being between its maker and its wearer
  • Miles Orvell takes a broad view of the life and work of pioneering and politically charged American photographer Paul Strand
  • Mike Weaver assesses the relationship between Paul Strand’s political sensibilities and the world he saw through his camera
  • Richard Benson tells of challenges, wily thinking and open-mindedness in working as Paul Strand’s printer in Orgeval
  • Erika Lederman uncovers the tumultuous life and brilliant work of Isabel Agnes Cowper, the V&A’s first female official photographer
  • Cover: shell photograph by Andrew Bettles for V&A Magazine; Paul Himmel, Botticelli Girl (Patricia McBride), Fire Island, c.1954–1955

V&A Magazine: Autumn 2015

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V&A Magazine: Autumn 2015

V&A Magazine: Autumn 2015

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