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V&A Magazine: Summer 2015

Published three times a year, V&A Magazine covers all aspects of the visual arts - architecture, design, craft, photography, fashion and fine art - taking the V&A's exhibition and display programme as its starting point.

V&A Magazine aims to be as accessible, intelligent, entertaining and visually appealing as the museum itself. It is available either as part of the V&A's membership package or on subscription.

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Inside the Summer 2015 issue

  • Caroline Roux examines the cultural and aesthetic power of the shoe – and how it varies around the world.
  • Deborah Bull looks back at her time as a ballet dancer, and the necessity of ripping and bashing in creating the perfect ballet shoe.
  • Jesse Bering considers shoe fetishism and the erotic power of footwear.
  • John Falconer reintroduces Captain Linnaeus Tripe, an officer in the East India Company army who had a fine eye for photography.
  • Mark Eastment and Gill Saunders meet artist Duffy Ayers, former member of the group of artists based in Great Bardfield, Essex.
  • Cover: Photograph by Jaron James, V&A Photographic Studio, for V&A Magazine. Fabric and leather stilettoes, by Casadei for Fausto Puglisi, 2014.

V&A Magazine: Summer 2015

V&A Magazine: Summer 2015

V&A Magazine: Summer 2015

V&A Magazine: Summer 2015

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