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Published three times a year, V&A Magazine covers all aspects of the visual arts - architecture, design, craft, photography, fashion and fine art - taking the V&A's exhibition and display programme as its starting point.

V&A Magazine aims to be as accessible, intelligent, entertaining and visually appealing as the museum itself. It is available either as part of the V&A's membership package or on subscription.

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Inside the Autumn/Winter 2014 issue

  • William A Ewing examines the life and work of Horst, and explains how he joined the greats in the canon of fashion photography.
  • Susan White of Vanity Fair looks back at her experiences of working with Horst, and reflects on what made him special.
  • Susanna Brown introduces a new series of photographs taken in the V&A by Horst protégé Cathleen Naundorf.
  • Kate Bailey focuses on the relationship between Russian Constructivist design and theatre, illuminating a rich period of cross-cultural production.
  • Ana Debenedetti and Mary McMahon expand the popular perception of Constable by considering his influences, techniques and materials.
  • Charlie Porter profiles Sibling, the British label taking knitwear to thrilling new places.
  • Ben Perdue meets Ralph & Russo, the first British fashion brand to be invited to join the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.
  • Hilary Mantel highlights four sculpted angels with an extraordinary provenance – and explains why they must be saved.

V&A Magazine Autumn/Winter 2014

V&A Magazine Autumn/Winter 2014

V&A Magazine Autumn/Winter 2014

V&A Magazine Autumn/Winter 2014

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