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Members of the London Jain community talk about objects that have personal significance. To watch, click on one of the links below.

Video: Sculpture of Parsvanatha (Atul Shah)

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Atul Shah talks about a sculpture, from the V&A collection, of Lord Parsvanatha, the 23rd Tirthankara. In this statue, Parsvanatha is standing in what is known as 'the causal  posture'. This posture is important for meditation and many rituals.

Video: Painting of Padmavati Devi (Dinesh Shah)

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Dinesh Shah talks about a painting of Padmavati Devi, the female attendant of the 23rd Tirthankara, Lord Parshvanatha.

Video: Representation of Samavasarana (Nila Shah)

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Nila Shah talks about a representation of Samavasarana, a religious assembly for a Tirthankara, constructed for each one to deliver his first discourse relating to Jain dharma, Jain religion and the paths to liberation.

Video: Painting of Siddhachakra Yantra (Heeral Shah)

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Heeral Shah talks about a painting of Siddhachakra Yantra. The Siddhachakra Yantra  depicts the whole Jain religion. It is the most auspicious and most versatile yantra in the Jain religion.

Video: Pilgrimage painting of Palitana (Preya Shah)

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Preya Shah talks about a pilgrimage painting of Palitana, which is based on the Shatrunjaya Hills in Gujarat, Western India. Palitana is known as the city of temples, it has 900 temples and almost 15,000 idols of the24 Jinas, 23 of which visited Palitana. It is considered the most auspicious place in Jainism.

Video: Vijnaptipatra (letter of invitation to a monk) (Raju Shah)

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Raju Shah talks about a Vijnaptipatra, a letter of invitation to a monk.

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