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The V&A holds a variety of material from Africa. The collections include important historic artefacts from Egypt, Ghana and Ethiopia, as well as ceramics, textiles and glassware from North Africa, and prints and photographs from southern Africa.

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In Black and White: Prints from Africa and the Diaspora (Paperback)

In Black and White: Prints from Africa and the Diaspora (Paperback)

Print has always been an art form for everyone – relatively cheap to produce and easy to distribute, and intended to be accessible to all. It li…

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Discover the many treasures in the beautiful V&A galleries, find out where events are happening in the Museum or just check the location of the café, shops, lifts or toilets. Simple to use, the V&A interactive map works on all screen sizes, from your tablet or smartphone to your desktop at home.

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Event - CreateInsights: Graphic Design

Fri 20 November 2015 18:30–20:00

YOUNG PEOPLE'S EVENT: Meet Lulu Kitololo, owner and Creative Director of Lulu Kitololo, a young company devoted to vibrant and eclectic art and graphic design.

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