Victoria and Albert Museum

The world’s greatest museum of art and design

The V&A holds a variety of material relating to black heritage and culture, including fashion, photography and performance.

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We offer a wide range of tours to meet your group requirements. Whether a group has a special area of interest, wishes to explore a particular gallery or just get an overview of the Museum's collection the Groups Team can help.

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Luxury Fashion - A Global History of Heritage Brands (Hardback)

Luxury Fashion - A Global History of Heritage Brands (Hardback)

Luxury brands are not about banal retro styling or taking refuge in past glories; they are brands with a heritage that still chimes with contemporary …

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Event - Staying Power: Decks, Dance and Dialogue 1950-2000

Fri 18 April 2014 13:00

SPECIAL EVENT: Discover how photography has recorded the transformation of music, the wave of subcultures and the shifting disposition of a nation, with a special all day event - for everyone.

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