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Silver objects in the V&A range from a third-century Roman ointment pot, to a sixteenth-century Mexican perfume burner, to a table centrepiece created in 2012 by Miriam Hanid. The Museum holds the National Collection of English silver, and has strong collections of European silver, particularly from Spain and Germany. Among these objects are some extraordinary survivals. An English incense holder and censer made around 1325 for the monks of Ramsey Abbey were discovered in the mud of a drained lake in Huntingdonshire, while an exquisite frame made for Louis XIV of France is the only surviving work of royal goldsmith Pierre Germain.

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Silver Thread Drop Earrings by Tamara Lisenberg

Silver Thread Drop Earrings by Tamara Lisenberg

Contemporary oxidised silver thread stud earrings. Tamara Lisenberg lives and works in Buenos Aires. Her jewellery pieces are complemented by her bac…

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B.N. Goswamy - Matters of Detail: Indian painting seen from up close

Tue 12 January 2016, 18:30 – 19:30. Join Professor B.N. Goswamy, one of India’s most eminent art historians, as he reveals the exquisite detail of Indian paintings.

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Event - Silver Speaks Symposium

Sat 11 June 2016 10:00–17:30

SYMPOSIUM: This one-day symposium compliments 'Silver Speaks: Idea to Object', and will focus on the role of silver, its unique properties and how it has shaped British culture from the past to the present.

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