A photograph of two Minecraft characters holding a sword and spade against a green dotted background with purple halos

5 Mind-blowing Minecraft builds

Are you a Minecraft fan? Well buckle up, as here are some of the most incredible creations that push the limits of block-building by the community’s dedicated artists. These show true innovation and ingenuity – we hope these inspire you in your next build. What will you make next?

RMS Titanic

An image of a Minecraft build of the RMS Titanic sat on the ocean with a blue sky and clouds above it

As a legendary icon, there are tons of RMS Titanic builds in Minecraft, but let’s be real, creator Richlarrousse really sets sail here. Sure, we might not have all the hours in the day to build it ourselves, but one can dream, right? You could have a go at your own and really add some pizzazz to this with more shaders. Imagine the waves looking so real you could almost dip your toes in! Your own historic ship could be the talk of the block.


An image of a Minecraft build of Middle-Earth

Middle-Earth is calling and they want this version of, get this, ALL of the locations please! What fantasy world would you create? You could get really technical with latitudes and longitudes too by studying the maps. How about building your own Hogwarts using the Marauder’s map?!


An image of the fantasy city Adamantis built in Minecraft showing white buildings make of ice with large dome structures and green trees

Adamantis won the 2012 Guinness World Record for “Largest original fantasy city completed in Minecraft.” It was built by jamdelaney1, who spent 3 months working on the project. The sprawling fantasy city is made of 60 million blocks! Wowee! The structures are made from ice, meaning users had to download a mod to prevent its gorgeous torch-illuminated streets from melting! What materials would you use to build a city?

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Crafting Azeroth

An image of a Minecraft build of Azeroth from World of Warcraft showing the mountainous landscape

Then there’s Crafting Azeroth, this wild project aiming to rebuild the entire World of Warcraft inside Minecraft at a 1:1 scale. It sounds like pure madness, right? But believe it or not, it’s gone pretty smoothly. They’ve even got fancy tech like voxelization to speed things up, though it’s still a colossal undertaking. Imagine exploring Azeroth not just in WoW, but right inside Minecraft – it’s mind-blowing!

Starry Night

An image of a Minecraft build of the Van Gogh painting Starry Night showing the blue and gold sky with the city skyline below

We bet you can recognise this iconic image? That’s right, it’s based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night! In just one month, ChrisDaCow replicated every brushstroke of Van Gogh’s masterpiece using Minecraft texture packs, resulting in a remarkably faithful rendition. The result is both breathtaking and slightly unnerving when viewed in three dimensions. It certainly provides a fresh perspective and new found appreciation for the famous painting, which Van Gogh painted from the window of the psychiatric ward he was staying on.