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Architectural projects

Such were the impact and influence of 'The Grammar of Ornament' that is easy to forget that Jones was, first and foremost, an architect. Sadly, many of his built projects have long since been demolished. They included St James's Hall, London's principle concert venue for almost fifty years, and two shopping emporiums: the Crystal Palace Bazaar and a showroom for Osler's, the glassware manufacturer. Their sumptuous interiors were breathtaking monuments to leisure and consumption.

Experiments in printing

The Influence of Medieval Illumination

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V&A Pattern: Owen Jones

V&A Pattern: Owen Jones

Beautiful and practical, the booksare visual summaries of the most sumptuous parts of the V&A collections'Royal Academy MagazineThis attractive series…

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Game: The Definery

Luxury or Vulgar? Let The Definery help you decide what objects to own. Simply enter an object into The Definery, answer a series of questions about the object, and wait for its judgement.

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Event - Curator Talk: Botticelli Reimagined

Fri 04 March 2016 15:00–16:00

The exhibition curator will discuss the enduring impact of the work of the Florentine Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli (1445 - 1510) from his own century to the present day.

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