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Icons study guide

Silver icon with painting of the Virgin and Child, embellished with semi-precious stones, Russia, 19th century. Museum no. 141-1906

Silver icon with painting of the Virgin and Child, embellished with semi-precious stones, Russia, 19th century. Museum no. 141-1906


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Other collections

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  • Ancient Russian Icons, 8 November-28 December 1929
  • Masterpieces of Byzantine Art, Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, 23 August 1958-13 September 1958
    Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1 October 1958-9 November 1958
  • The Byzantine World, Chichester District Museum, 1978
  • Icons from Bulgaria, Courtauld Gallery, London, 1978
  • Icons in Oxford, Christ Church Gallery, Oxford, 1980
  • From Byzantium to El Greco: Greek Frescoes and Icons, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 27 March 1987-21 June 1987
  • Gates of Mystery: The Art of Holy Russia, 20 October 1993-3 January 1994
  • Byzantium: Treasures of Byzantine Art and Culture from British Collections, The British Museum, London, February 1995-23 April 1995
  • The Art of Holy Russia: Icons from Moscow 1400-1660,  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 19 March 1998-14 June 1998
  • Conversations with God: Icon Masterpieces from the Byzantine Museum of Athens, The Hellenic Centre, London, 22 May 1998-21 June 1998
  • Cyprus: The Holy Island, The Hellenic Centre, London, 1 November 2000-17 December 2000
  • Sinai, Byzantium, Russia, Courtauld Gallery, London, 19 October 2000-4 February 2001

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