Photography Study Guide

'Electrograph of a hand', from "Im Reich Der Phantome" by Andreas Fischer, St. Petersburg, Russia, about 1997. Museum no. NAL NC980081

Plate illustration No. 27: 'Electrograph of a hand', from "Im Reich Der Phantome" by Andreas Fischer, St. Petersburg, Russia, about 1997. Museum no. NAL NC980081

General history of photography

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Photographic processes, conservation and techniques

Coe, Brian and Haworth-Booth, Mark, A guide to early photographic processes, V&A Publications, 1983. ISBN 0905209400

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Fashion photography

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Photography theory

Barthes, Roland, Camera Lucida: reflections on photography, London: Cape, 1982. ISBN 0224029290

Sontag, Susan, Susan Sontag on photography, London: Allen Lane, 1978. ISBN 071391128X


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    Other resources

    In addition to this list, see also the excellent book-list on the iPhotoCentral website, under 'Collecting Issues and Resources' / 'Books for basic Photography Collecting'.

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